Why Jesus Was Always the Right Answer in Sunday School.

Anyone else tired? And please don’t for the life of me tell me to hop of Instagram and stop comparing myself to her or to them or to their life or her style. Because I know that is a bigger player in this ever looming scheme of exhaustion. But what I am really getting atContinue reading “Why Jesus Was Always the Right Answer in Sunday School.”

I’m Numb + I Don’t Want To Be

I have become numb when disaster hits, and I do not want to be anymore. From hurricanes, to shootings, to riots, to people just hurting people and this broken world breaking again and again and again. It is scary how used to the hurt I have become; how nonchalant I react when I hear of theContinue reading “I’m Numb + I Don’t Want To Be”

Real Talk of Feeling Uninvited + Rejected

I learned something new these last few days. Something that I knew was happening, but didn’t. Ya feel me? It was the kind of thing that we all are aware of. The kind of thing we hate to admit and ignore its even existence. The thing we know is so the enemy working and pryingContinue reading “Real Talk of Feeling Uninvited + Rejected”

Moving + Coffee

So as most of y’all know, I started a podcast a few weeks ago. And that creative outlet has grabbed ahold of all my thoughts and feelings and emotions and every other fiber of my being over the last few weeks, making me leave this blog out to dry for a little too long. ButContinue reading “Moving + Coffee”