We Are All Just Followers

I have these weird revelations (or they may just be random thoughts but revelations sounds cooler), where the light bulb goes on and a deep thought arises.

Yesterday was one of those days, and when reading through Matthew 3 the light bulb began to burn a little brighter.

Ever heard of Wordle? Did you ever wonder why the heck it even became a thing?

I was sitting in IN-n-Out with some friends last night, and we were all huddled around one phone, watching a guy try to figure out a five letter word for almost 10 minutes.

And it was entertaining, don’t let me fool you. I loved every minute of it. I was captivated by those five letters.

He figures it out, we laugh about it, we go home.

Then this morning I open my bible to read Matthew 3.

Matthew 3 is where John the Baptist is introduced; he is pointing people towards the better Prophet, the Messiah who is to come. He baptizes Jesus (which side note- brought me to tears because how sweet and kind is Jesus to let the man who was preparing His way to cleanse Him and open the clouds of heaven?) Any-who.

Then Jesus goes to the desert (chapter 4), is tempted for 40 days, is then served by angels after his 40 days (random detail but is the COOLEST thing to me), then He starts his journey of teaching, preaching and healing.

It says in verse 17, “From there then on Jesus began to preach, ‘Repent, because the kingdom of heaves has come near!'”

And then people started following Him around.

He started saying things that were interesting. He started sparking people’s interests. He started His life fulfilling prophesies, and He continued to do so at every turn.

So people followed.

Gosh we are so like those people.

Something, someone, sparks our attention and we are hooked. Whether it is a five letter word or it’s a new trend, a new type of look, a cutsie graphic- we see it, we want it, we go after it.

And what is crazy, is most the stuff we latch onto these days we only notice because others shared it. We only follow because others are doing the same. But the problem is, we latch on, we get hyped, we log on, we share, but then somewhere along the line we move on.

From Hydroflasks to Stanley Cups. From High-Top Converse to High-Top Nikes. From jean jackets to leather ones.

NONE of that stuff is bad, hear me out. But all of it started with a follow. We grabbed that thing off the shelf, we shared that idea, we bought that course because someone else shared it, because someone else started the trend.

Now- try to follow me here. The people in Matthew 4 and all the way through the Gospels did the same thing with Jesus.

They heard His teachings, their interests were peaked. They saw others follow along, so they went too. Others saw people following Him so they thought, why not me too?

But what made them stay? What made them stick with the Hydroflask when the Stanley Cups came along? What made them continue to lace up their Converse instead of hitching a ride on the Nike train?

Well, if you know the Gospels, you know most people who followed Jesus didn’t stick with Him. But a few did. And then those few started the Church. And wrote all the letters in the New Testament. And ultimately shared Christ with you and me because of one thing.

Truth. Freedom. Grace. Love.

Well that is more than one thing but whats so cool is that alllll those things are in One Person.

I never stuck with Wordle. I never caught on to the Nike trend but you bet your butt I wanted to (the bank account just didn’t agree with me). I tricked my mom into buying me a Hydroflask then the Stanley Cups became a hit and once again the bank won’t lend me all the money to keep up with these trends.

My point is this: we were created to follow. And in following, we were created to praise and worship and bow down to something. The people in the bible are proof of this truth, and we, all of us, to this day, fall right in line with them, too.

Jesus had people follow Him because there was something different about Him. We gravitate to new trends, new things, new people because there is something different about each of them. Each of those “things” promise us something, but ultimately they let us down and we turn to something else that promises the same things but “better.” And then the cycle continues.

But people stuck with Jesus because He promised a bunch of things and He delivered. He may not have delivered in the ways the people wanted, but He sure as heck delivered in the way they needed.

Jesus preached, He promised, and He fulfilled. He promised strength, grace, love and joy, and every day I open the Word and there it is, loud and clear, a promise fulfilled. He promised deliverance, eternity, and hope. And He did that on the cross and out of the grave.

So now it’s our choice to follow and keep following. And to keep following even when not everyone else is doing it.

It is our choice to see Jesus on the shore and hear His words and be intrigued, to be fascinated, and to believe Him in what He says.

And every day I am just trying to follow and produce the fruit of repentance because Jesus is the only thing that I will continue to choose and follow and serve- because He will never let me down.

Sorry converse.

See you soon,



Why Jesus Was Always the Right Answer in Sunday School.

Anyone else tired?

And please don’t for the life of me tell me to hop of Instagram and stop comparing myself to her or to them or to their life or her style.

Because I know that is a bigger player in this ever looming scheme of exhaustion.

But what I am really getting at is this- is anyone else tired of having to feel like the have it all together, online and real life?

Is anyone else tired of the weight of the things they can’t change, or the brick on their chest causing each breath to be a little more work?

Now if my dad were reading this he would say, “eh sissy, rub some dirt in it, you’ll be fine. only be you and don’t care about anyone else.”

Thanks Dad, but, yup, the weight is still there.

It has something to do with our generation, the millennials who were given everything, who dreamed bigger than the ones before them, who decided to feel and dig deeper because they could, because they wanted to.

Well, we got what we wanted.

We were given the world and we ran with it. We dreamed big and we never stopped moving. We dug deep and felt deeper, but what we kept finding were more dreams, more feelings, more dirt to keep digging. We kept finding, keep finding, deeper holes leading to deeper questions.

I think our parents’ generation and the generation’s before them had something good that we have had to fight to get back, something we lost in our digging for more.

They had what they had, and they were content and lived.

Now, this isn’t to say no one dreamed, no one moved on, no one searched for deeper meaning. What I mean is, they stood where their feet were.

They lived where they were planted.

Now, if it were up to me, I’d have my mom and dad diggin’ and shovelin’ out all their feelings and hurts over their years of being human because yes I do believe it would do them some good. Could help with a lot of past, present and future hurt, no doubt.

What I’m getting at though. is this: yes we’ve dug and felt and lived a whole lot on the outside, yet we didn’t know when to stop.

And now we have found ourselves digging in circles. Making mountains out of mole hills, feeling feelings that were only meant to be felt once or twice.

That is why we are tired.

We are tired because no matter how much we’ve tried, no matter how many shovels of dirt we’ve swooped over our shoulders, we still haven’t found it.

Now if you know me, you know this is the place where I drop Jesus’ name and lay on that truth hard.

But hear me out for a second.

Our parents may have dug out a few holes themselves, maybe their parents one or two, as well. But they stopped because where they were, what they were doing, how they were living, that was tiring enough.

But we searched longer, deeper, wider, and yet, we came up with being just as tired, just has confused, just as worn down.

Doesn’t that at least send a whisper that maybe just maybe the answers are not inside us?

That maybe digging deeper and traveling more and sleeping less to live in the moment are not fulfilling because well, they weren’t ever meant to refill those holes anyway?

Maybe there is a weight, there is a heaviness, there are feelings and frustrations and hurt that are just inexplainable to where no amount of digging will lead to a happy ending.

And no generation can do it right because we can never get it right.

And that is okay.

Because we do not need to. We have Someone who has made it right for us.

Can I preach the Gospel to you real quick? I’m in need of a good reminder, too.

Jesus came to fill those holes. Jesus came to help us dig a little deeper, feel a little more, dream a little bigger, because He created us to do just that- live and breathe and and dream and go.

He created us to live with Him and in Him, but the weight and the questions, the comparison and the temptations, the twisted good and the half-ass truths have pulled us away from His perfect union and living, into where we are now- the weight, the hurt, the everything.

So instead of leaving us to fend for ourselves, He came to be with us. To live with us to and to give us a perfect example of how to flee from the bad and cling to the Good.

And not only that, He gave Himself so that we wouldn’t have to. He gave His life so that we could have ours, how it was truly meant to be from the beginning.

And now, do we not only get to live in communion and community and union with Him and His people, but we get to live forever with Him, in the way it was meant to be.

You are tired because life wasn’t supposed to be like this.

You are digging and finding no answers because you are looking in the wrong places.

Now I know why Jesus was always the right answer in Sunday school.

It’s because He is the right answer in everything, always.

See you soon,

Stephanie Lynn

So I Guess This Is Hello Again?

tears were welling up in my eyes as I pressed the “write a post” button.

It has been a long time since I have written on here.

This used to be my safe space. The place where I could throw my words, my thoughts, my worries, my dreams and they would stick.

Not that they wouldn’t stick anymore, I just moved to a new safe place, with a new way of sharing my words, my thoughts, my worries, my dreams.

To be honest, I just got off a deep dive on instagram and I was feeling crummy about how I don’t take cute pictures all the time or wear cute things all the time nor do I have a boyfriend or husband or best friend who makes cool things I could share on social media- the usual swirling all the way down into a nonsense of comparison + jealousy + honestly complete coveting of someone else’s life.

And it was in that rush, that sudden lack of joy for who I was that I randomly thought of this blog.

Some would call the thought random, I call it the Spirit, pointing me back to a time and space where I didn’t give a rats arse what people thought of me, and I just wrote my heart out. I just shared me.

I probably wanted to be famous, who doesn’t, but this blog was my lifeline in an extremely low part of my life, and it was writing, words to the page, keys clacking away, that I was able to escape and be who I truly wanted to be. With no cares, no worries, just me and a blank page and a safe place to rest my words.

So I am here again I guess, to do just that. To step back into this space because I do not want to compare or covet someone else’s life. I want to have mine.

The blessings I have received, daily, moment by moment, over the last four years since the last time I have posted on this blog have been innumerable.

Beyond measure that’s for sure.

So no more coveting, no more comparing. I’m here to be myself, the goof who journaled (online!!!) about a cute guy she met off instagram, shared the whole story from beginning to end. *Don’t go looking for those posts, embarrassed young steph probably went back and deleted a few of them but that’s not the point.

My point is this- I used this space as my little corner in cyber space to share my hurts, my hopes, my dreams, my prayers, my whatever, because I truly wanted to. I loved it. It was a home for me. It was a place I could be me, and that was that.

And I want to get back to that. The podcast will still be a thing, but I want to get back to this. Sharing my heart, what the Lord has been teaching me, what fun things He has given me, whatever it may be- I want to get back to it all.

So I guess – hello again.

And see you soon.


24, Single + Holidays


Wow it has been a year since I have been on this here blog.

And quick update: still single.

But still so content and even more in love with Jesus. Which says nothing about me and everything about Him.

But, I’m not going to lie: the Hallmark movies are rolling, that brisk, Christmas love and joy is in the air and man oh man is my contentment in my singleness being chipped at bit my bit by this winter wonderland we call the holiday season.

And I figured, even though it’s been a year since I’ve written on here, I could stop in and say just a few words to my gal pals and very highly eligible bachelors that may run across this little corner of cyberspace.

  1.  You are not alone in that weird aching feeling to have someone special by your side as you take your second or third helping of green bean casserole. Or someone to roll your eyes at while attending those awkward family reunions.
  2. You are not alone in that secret frustration that the holidays only elevate your want for your person. Or the way society seems to shout that you can’t be thankful on Thanksgiving or joyful during the 12 Days of Christmas because you don’t have a ring on your finger or a baby on the way.

You are not alone.

Because yes, singleness in the holiday season is tough, tougher than normal, and that’s okay.

It’s okay to be frustrated at the cheesy commercials and all those dang Hallmark movies that pull at the heartstrings. Every. Single. Time.

It’s okay.

But also remember:

Everyone has their own story. And Instagram and Facebook are ways we share that story. Whether the good or bad, we share it.

And while some people are sharing their baby announcement and some are sharing how thankful they are for the guy/gal in their life, some are secretly wishing and praying for a miracle baby. Some are praying for their husband to stay or their son to come back home.

Yes, singleness sucks sometimes, and yes, we need to sit in the frustration that the holidays highlight families and couples, but you are not alone even more than just the simple fact that both you and I are single and very ready to mingle-

You are not alone in the simple fact that everyone around you has a story too.

Everyone around you may be missing something too.

And the holiday season isn’t just hard for us single girls or guys- it’s even harder for that newly married girl that you work with whose mom just passed away. It’s even harder for that “dream Instagram couple” who is struggling to get pregnant and all they wanted was a Christmas miracle.

Guys we have to remember: we are not alone in more ways than one. And instead of sitting in the frustration that the holiday season may bring, we need to step out and love and celebrate the people around us.

We are not alone because we all have a story.

Yours may be: 26, Depressed and the Holidays.

Or his may be: 32, Just Diagnosed with Cancer and the Holidays.

Or hers could be: 23, Newly Married Struggling to See Jesus in the Mess and the Holidays.

Whatever your story, whatever your struggle, your hurt, your “24, Single and the Holidays,” know that you are not alone.

Just don’t sit in it.

Step out and love deeply. Give while holding nothing back. And celebrate like it’s the last party you’ll ever have.

Because I’m not just 24 and single during the holidays. I’m 24, a freaking amazing teacher to 11 incredible kiddos, all while living in Orange County, California, with blessings upon blessings to have a budget for coffee and a roundtrip home for Christmas.

And you are too (well, maybe not exactly but you get the point).

Speak truth over yourself and celebrate every little blessing you have.

Sit in the mess, the frustration, miss what you truly desire, and then head on full force into celebrating what you have and what He promises. 

But make sure to leave room for two heaping helpings of pumpkin pie.

See you soon,

Stephanie Lynn



Christmas Gift Guide


For you late shoppers (ME) I wanted to give y’all a little gift guide for your last minute christmas shopping, as well as just a fun gift guide for future gifts/birthdays/all that jazz.

But I wanted this to be a different type of gift guide. A gift guide that is intentional and ethical and worth every penny because you know who made it, you know where it’s made, and everything in between.

Throughout the last year I have learned a good amount about where things are made, how they are made and why then, we can get stuff as cheap as we do.

Pretty much, something or someone is paying a price. And that is hard for me to wrap my mind around. I could go on and on about this y’all but really, I just want to do good in everything I do, and I want even my little purchases to matter. And who cares if that purchase is more than I’m used to paying-  I know who made it and I want good for them too.

SO, I am starting here. With a list of all the companies I mentioned in my Christmas Chip Chat, that I believe in and want you all to believe in too.

Some Wonderful Companies…




All Good Things Collective 

Sasa Designs


Walk In Love

Giving Keys

Parker Clay

Tribe Alive

Krochet Kids

Some Dang Good Reads…

Garden City

Sacred Enneagram

Dance, Stand, Run

Blue Like Jazz

Darling Magazine

Beloved Magazine

Goodnews Paper

Hear me out y’all: I have not done a ton of research on every one of these companies, but because most of these companies are faith driven and focused on Jesus, I am trusting their stuff is made ethically and with care for the people who make every product.

ALSO: In no no way am I condemning anyone who has shopped anywhere other than the places I am mentioning. I have many many christmas gifts going out that I have no idea of who made them or how the heck it even got on the Target shelves for $4.99.

I just want to try and make a difference in this huge consumer driven culture we live in. I want to get enough people in on the shift, enough people speaking up, to make a dent and bring a little more hope and goodness to the people who make our everything, for little.

So, will ya join me?

See ya soon.

Stephanie Lynn

I’m Numb + I Don’t Want To Be

I have become numb when disaster hits, and I do not want to be anymore.

From hurricanes, to shootings, to riots, to people just hurting people and this broken world breaking again and again and again.

It is scary how used to the hurt I have become; how nonchalant I react when I hear of the latest natural disaster or freak weather report.

It hurts to even admit, but when I first heard of all the devastation in Houston and the surrounding areas, I shrugged it off. I had heard it all before, hurricanes happen, weather sucks, life will go on.

And the worst part is, I didn’t even realize how horrible those thoughts were. I didn’t even catch the numbness and distraction and selfishness. I let it sit. I let the numbness win.

And what is even scarier, is that is what Satan wants. He wants us to get so used to the broken world, the broken people, the mess this world is, to where we don’t fight against it anymore. He wants us to sit back and let it all happen, the bigotry, the lack of compassion, the selfishness of “my life is more important than the man or woman, or child or elderly couple who are watching their lives crumble.”

And I have fallen into it. More than once, for longer than I would ever want to admit, I have fallen into the lie that this world is breaking and there is nothing that I can do to stop it.

Because no, I cannot stop this world from breaking, but I can give this world hope in the brokenness.

I can pray, I can give, I can open my dang eyes to the hurt around and do something about it.

Yes, the hurt will keep coming, but hell no is there any way I am going to let my heart harden to even just one life that needs Jesus and His love because I am too busy caring about what I am doing today or the next.

I am numb to the hurt of this world, and I do not want to be.

So I am doing something about it.

Who’s with me?

See ya soon,

Stephanie Lynn

P.S. Here is a place to start if you would like to do something for/help the victims of Hurricane Harvey.


Always Buy The Chai Latte


Want to know the best the best tip for self-care?

Always buy the chai latte.

Let me explain. I’ve made this rule to always tip with my tips.

Because I know the work it takes to earn them. I know what it feels like to hear a few coins drop or see a crumpled dollar in the tip jar.

And I have also made this rule to not say know to the good and what you know your heart needs.

Like a chai tea latte. Or an m&m blizzard from DQ. Or watching Jane the Virgin until midnight. Or going surfing even though your arms are toothpicks.

Now there are always boundaries, and sometimes sleep is really needed and Jane can wait for another night or two. But sometimes, you work 11 hours in a day and deserve a coffee and a freaking milkshake. Or sometimes you just really need time with people who love you well rather than getting a few extra hours of sleep.

But when it comes to self-care, to caring for your heart, your soul, your whole self? The thing you need to know is that you need to know yourself. You need to know what makes you tick, what helps your heart and what makes those Mondays even possible in the first place.

And for me it is a hot, dirty chai latte, skipping the introvert corner and soaking in the friend time, and failing miserably at catching a wave for the 1000th time.

So, what’s your chai latte? What does your heart need right now?

Go, and get it.

See ya soon,

Stephanie Lynn




Real Talk of Feeling Uninvited + Rejected

IMG_8966I learned something new these last few days. Something that I knew was happening, but didn’t. Ya feel me?

It was the kind of thing that we all are aware of. The kind of thing we hate to admit and ignore its even existence. The thing we know is so the enemy working and prying at our deepest, most vulnerable parts of us.

And this thing is: the fact that I tell myself lies every day. Every day and all the dang time people.

I write about, talk about, practically preach to my junior high girls and friends that, “you need to speak truth to yourself. You need to be your own best friend. Oh, and the mirror is your best friend too.” Yet I more than stink at taking that advice myself.

This lie that I know is a lie, that I know is a thing that eats away at my core and feeds on my insecurities is this: that I am unwanted, unloved, and will always be left out. And man am I really good at telling myself this. And what stinks is that just a few days ago I let this lie take me over.

Like tears streaming down my face, ugly cry kind of take over. Literally called up a friend, and could barely talk I was so hurt, so frustrated so, uh kind of taken over.

But as I began to process with her the hurt I was feeling I found that, yes there were parts of this hard moment that were legitimate- that it was okay that I was upset about them- but there were also many other parts that I was hurt about only because I had believed this lie of I am not wanted, not loved, not anything special, and someone just happen to say the right thing and make just the right move that knocked me right in the gut of that lie, and sent me crashing down.

Guys- we have to stop telling ourselves we aren’t worth it. We have to stop putting ourselves in the corner and making ourselves the victims. Yes, there are times when broken people are broken people and they will let you down, yes, people just straight up suck sometimes. But most the time, the rejection we feel comes from the rejection we have perceived and piled up in our minds months and years before this act of rejection happened.

I am no man, so I am not sure where that side of the spectrum sits on the topic of rejection, but I do know women. I do know that we are really good at over thinking, at over analyzing, at over judging and perceiving a situation or another person’s thoughts or feelings in way that can put us down- and we don’t even realize it.

I literally hang with my friends and can have, the entire time, a whole separate scenario going on in my head where I see myself as the one who wasn’t actually invited, but who was just added to the group message just because they felt bad for me. I sit across from the people who give up their Thursday night to have me over yet still seem to perceive the situation as them feeling bad for me and not really wanting me to be there.

Now doesnt that sound insane?

But what is even harder to grasp and sit in, is that I am not alone in this. I am not alone in this feeling of rejection and feeling less than and unwanted.

So I am here to tell you- to yell at ya and shake ya if I have to- to stop telling yourself lies. Stop feeding into the fear that satan wants you to feel because he knows that if you aren’t fearing something, then you are unstoppable.

But you have to believe it that you are unstoppable too. You have to believe that you have Someone bigger and better and stronger who loves you and who is fighting for you.

You have to believe that you are loved, wanted and never alone because of Him.

You have to first believe He is who He says He is, that He is good, making Him your confidence and your foundation before those lies start to fade away.

Because once you believe that- once you believe that He is it, that He wants you and that is all that matters, those little lies you feed yourself and that satan loves to remind you of? They start to fade away and Jesus is the only one left in your view.

Believe you are loved. Believe you are wanted. Believe He is good. Whisper it every morning if you have to.

See ya soon,

Stephanie Lynn

P.S: I am reading Uninvited right now. It is has HIT HOME for me these last few days, and I go into a little more detail on the podcast this week if you want to keep diving into the conversation.

Moving + Coffee


So as most of y’all know, I started a podcast a few weeks ago. And that creative outlet has grabbed ahold of all my thoughts and feelings and emotions and every other fiber of my being over the last few weeks, making me leave this blog out to dry for a little too long. But I didn’t forget about ya good ol’ gwennlynn.com

So here I am, a little less than three weeks after my podcast has aired, and within those three weeks, I visited my hometown in Illinois for 13 days, worked 31 hours at Starbucks, started my new educational therapist job, and moved to my new home in Orange County.  And I think I am still alive.

Moving was excited but tiring, and Starbucks is such a fun position but man is it hard work. I have not even been living in Orange County for a whole week, and I have already worked 31 hours at Starbucks and 14 hours at my new job. And I am not saying this to boast, but to only boast in the Lord because holy CRAP, there was no way I did all of that on my own, in my own power, in my own few hours of sleep.

Because not only did I start new jobs, but I was in a new place, a new home, and with new friends that I wanted so desperately to be with to the morning dawn (which isn’t smart with a 4am shift y’all).

So emotionally and mentally and physically I should be completely gone, but because God is so good and so faithful, I am still kicking, I am still working at Starbucks even after making a fool of myself one too many times, and I still have friends that want to hangout with me.

And through this crazy move and lots of coffee, I have learned 2 very very important things. 2 things that, if you were to only take a few words from this blog, I’d want it to be these:

1. When you think you’ve got it, you don’t, but He does.  

2. If you don’t know hard work, work food service. It’ll humble ya real fast.

When you think you can do it, He can. And when you work food service, you learn real, hard, sweat and aches and pains kind of work. Not that teaching isn’t work or pastoring isn’t a job or nannying isn’t a big deal- but when you are put in one spot for 8 hours and day, serving others and only others, cleaning after others and listening to others, you learn real quick that life isn’t just about you, or that coffee you get during your shift. Its about the people. And how good God is in the process.

So friends, if ya wanna hear more babbling about this topic, hop on over to Good Good Talks and subscribe because I promise promise that this topic will be on Chip Chats real soon.

And like I said, if you only remember one thing from this post, take this: When you think you’ve got it, you don’t, but He does.

See ya soon,

Stephanie Lynn


1 Step to Improving Your Quiet Time


My favorite quote of all time comes from Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis. I haven’t even finished half the book, nor have I picked it up for months. But his words still stick with me.

Our cause is never more in danger than when a human, no longer desiring, but still intending, to do our Enemy’s will, looks round upon a universe from which every trace of Him seems to have vanished, and asks why he has been forsaken, and still obeys.


Because I was in this place for a long while. Longer than I would ever want to admit. But yet I never realized that God was meeting me ever time I sat down to read His word but never actually felt the desire to do so. He was meeting me there, helping me fight the urge to give into all other distractions, leading me with His Spirit to lean into Him even when I really and truly just didn’t give a crap.

I was in that place for a long time. A place where I didn’t desire yet I still obeyed, and that is exactly where satan DOES NOT want us to be.

So what is the 1 step to improving your quiet time?

Keep freaking going. Set a time, a place and dive in. Every day. No matter what.

Make it a thing every single day. Don’t push it away, don’t play it safe by praying a few prayers while driving down the highway. Set a time, a place and read His Word.

I understand that it’s hard guys, I do, believe me. The last thing I want to do while putting my head down to finally get some sleep is to try and understand what the heck Job and his friends are even talking about this time. I use the excuse of my tired eyes and weary mind to say, “it’s just not worth it; I won’t even remember what I read tomorrow anyway.”

But God is way bigger and better and stronger than our weary minds. And we have to remember that He is working even when we think we are a lost cause. We have to remember that He is molding us, forming us, making HIM our foundation and our solid rock, through every word in His Word. He is there, always working, always faithful, all we have to do is sit and receive it.

So how do you get better at spending more and more time in the Word? How do you get better and finally start feeling the desire and urge to dig into the living Word of God? You do it. You sit down, you fight the distractions and you dive right in. No expectations. No excuses. Just do it. (And no this blog is not endorsed by Nike.)

I’m all about honesty so here it goes: I’ve never once regretted spending time with my Heavenly Father. Not even a second of regret. And I think that has something to say about how good and how real and how awesome and how giving our God is. That He always shows up even when we can.t He is always waiting even when we fall. He is always faithful, always present, ALWAYS calling our name- we just have to sit and call His name back.

See you soon,

Stephanie Lynn