Moving + Coffee


So as most of y’all know, I started a podcast a few weeks ago. And that creative outlet has grabbed ahold of all my thoughts and feelings and emotions and every other fiber of my being over the last few weeks, making me leave this blog out to dry for a little too long. But I didn’t forget about ya good ol’

So here I am, a little less than three weeks after my podcast has aired, and within those three weeks, I visited my hometown in Illinois for 13 days, worked 31 hours at Starbucks, started my new educational therapist job, and moved to my new home in Orange County.  And I think I am still alive.

Moving was excited but tiring, and Starbucks is such a fun position but man is it hard work. I have not even been living in Orange County for a whole week, and I have already worked 31 hours at Starbucks and 14 hours at my new job. And I am not saying this to boast, but to only boast in the Lord because holy CRAP, there was no way I did all of that on my own, in my own power, in my own few hours of sleep.

Because not only did I start new jobs, but I was in a new place, a new home, and with new friends that I wanted so desperately to be with to the morning dawn (which isn’t smart with a 4am shift y’all).

So emotionally and mentally and physically I should be completely gone, but because God is so good and so faithful, I am still kicking, I am still working at Starbucks even after making a fool of myself one too many times, and I still have friends that want to hangout with me.

And through this crazy move and lots of coffee, I have learned 2 very very important things. 2 things that, if you were to only take a few words from this blog, I’d want it to be these:

1. When you think you’ve got it, you don’t, but He does.  

2. If you don’t know hard work, work food service. It’ll humble ya real fast.

When you think you can do it, He can. And when you work food service, you learn real, hard, sweat and aches and pains kind of work. Not that teaching isn’t work or pastoring isn’t a job or nannying isn’t a big deal- but when you are put in one spot for 8 hours and day, serving others and only others, cleaning after others and listening to others, you learn real quick that life isn’t just about you, or that coffee you get during your shift. Its about the people. And how good God is in the process.

So friends, if ya wanna hear more babbling about this topic, hop on over to Good Good Talks and subscribe because I promise promise that this topic will be on Chip Chats real soon.

And like I said, if you only remember one thing from this post, take this: When you think you’ve got it, you don’t, but He does.

See ya soon,

Stephanie Lynn



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