good good threads

Good Good Threads is simply this: A space for an honest breath to say that fashion doesn’t have to be about brands or price tags. It’s a space for change because fashion doesn’t have to be fast and cheap and hurtful to those who make it. A space for growth and understanding that fashion doesn’t have to be thrown away and forgotten every few weeks. Instead, fashion can be recycled, reused, re-worn. It can have a second or third or fifteenth night on the town or coffee shop date. Fashion can do good and be good, and that, that is what Good Good Threads is all about. Reusing, recycling, rewearing because hell y’all, I’m done wasting. I’m done buying knowing it hurts someone else. And thrifting is always always the way to go anyway. So here I am- starting, here.

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          All items are sold on Instagram, here. We’d love to have ya.

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