Christmas Gift Guide


For you late shoppers (ME) I wanted to give y’all a little gift guide for your last minute christmas shopping, as well as just a fun gift guide for future gifts/birthdays/all that jazz.

But I wanted this to be a different type of gift guide. A gift guide that is intentional and ethical and worth every penny because you know who made it, you know where it’s made, and everything in between.

Throughout the last year I have learned a good amount about where things are made, how they are made and why then, we can get stuff as cheap as we do.

Pretty much, something or someone is paying a price. And that is hard for me to wrap my mind around. I could go on and on about this y’all but really, I just want to do good in everything I do, and I want even my little purchases to matter. And who cares if that purchase is more than I’m used to paying-  I know who made it and I want good for them too.

SO, I am starting here. With a list of all the companies I mentioned in my Christmas Chip Chat, that I believe in and want you all to believe in too.

Some Wonderful Companies…




All Good Things Collective 

Sasa Designs


Walk In Love

Giving Keys

Parker Clay

Tribe Alive

Krochet Kids

Some Dang Good Reads…

Garden City

Sacred Enneagram

Dance, Stand, Run

Blue Like Jazz

Darling Magazine

Beloved Magazine

Goodnews Paper

Hear me out y’all: I have not done a ton of research on every one of these companies, but because most of these companies are faith driven and focused on Jesus, I am trusting their stuff is made ethically and with care for the people who make every product.

ALSO: In no no way am I condemning anyone who has shopped anywhere other than the places I am mentioning. I have many many christmas gifts going out that I have no idea of who made them or how the heck it even got on the Target shelves for $4.99.

I just want to try and make a difference in this huge consumer driven culture we live in. I want to get enough people in on the shift, enough people speaking up, to make a dent and bring a little more hope and goodness to the people who make our everything, for little.

So, will ya join me?

See ya soon.

Stephanie Lynn


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