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Good Good Talks, here we come.



Hey Y’all

Hey gals (and the occasional lad).

My name is Stephanie Lynn, Gwenn Lynn for kicks and giggles.

I started this blog three years ago, and I am still the same old Steph, but within the last year, I have graduated college, moved to California, started my first teaching job and am still figurin’ out my life all the same.

Really, all I want for this blog is to share Jesus with you.

I have hit lots of highs and lots of lows in my last few years following Christ, and I just feel so so called to share my story through writing. No- my life is not perfect, I am no where near it, but my hope and prayer is that The Lord will use my words and my story to encourage someone else in theirs.

I believe every story matters, doing good and loving deeply is the only way to live, and that life should always be celebrated.

If you want to connect with me, shoot me an email! I would love to hear from you! 


I love connecting with new people, so please by all means, throw me a comment or an email- I want to connect with you! We all need some coffee chats, so please please please do not be afraid to connect with me- you never know, we could catch up over coffee sometime <3.