Countdown to Christmas | 25 Days of Giving

Christmas season is an oh so wonderful time of the year.

A season that holds so much joy and so much love.


Yet, 90% of the time the spirit of joy is turned into a spirit of chaos and “mine, mine mine.”

We run over people to save 50 bucks. We push and pull and fight to get that one thing that will finally bring us all the happiness in the world- even if it is just for a moment.

Don’t get me wrong- I fall into it too.

And it’s a kick in the butt when you realize that everyone around you, whether that be the family in line at Old Navy or that lady clogging the isle at Costco- everyone is someone.

Everyone is somebody. A real person.

And if we want the spirit of Christmas to stay joyful and lovely, we have to act that way.

We have to throw away the coupons and hold the door for the busy mom.

We have to stop and think and care for someone other than ourselves.

So this Christmas season I will be doing a countdown to Christmas to help keep us all, especially myself, in the true spirit of Christmas.


Every day I’ll give ya a small idea or token of truth to share with someone, anyone, on that day. Something that gives and cares and fills someone rather than takes and fights and hurts them instead.

Let’s make this Christmas season different than all the rest.

Let’s turn our Christmas wish lists into a list for them and not for us.

Let’s spread the Christmas cheer y’all.

See ya in a few days,

Stephanie Lynn


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