The Box That Matters

Oh my oh my oh my. Where do I start? The box that matters. The CAUSEBOX. Let’s just say I love the internet. And I love connecting with people and organizations that I would not have heard of if it wasn’t for the world wide web. And CAUSEBOX is one of them. CAUSEBOX is an organizationContinue reading “The Box That Matters”

Day 24 & 25 of Giving | Give & Give Generously

DECEMBER 24TH & 25TH: Give & give generously I am going to be signing off social media for a little while, which is why I am sharing two days of giving in one! If there has been anything that I have learned during this 25 days of giving and just the last few years ofContinue reading “Day 24 & 25 of Giving | Give & Give Generously”

Day 22 of Giving | Give Friendship

DECEMBER 22ND: Give friendship Can we all just say a huge hallelujah, amen to the Lord above for giving us people to live with on this earth? People who love well, and people who aren’t afraid of us at our lowest and who always root for us at our highest. I seriously love my peopleContinue reading “Day 22 of Giving | Give Friendship”

Day 21 of Giving | Give Talent

DECEMBER 21ST: Give talents Holy moly it is 4 days until Christmas. Are you serious? If you have followed along this far in the 25 days of giving- seriously, thank you. Even if you are just my mom ❤ Today is give your talents.  We are all good at something. Singing, speaking, running, mutli-tasking, organizing,Continue reading “Day 21 of Giving | Give Talent”

Day 18 of Giving | Give Big

DECEMBER 18TH: Give big Go out of your way for someone today. Strike up a conversation with the old man waiting to board the plane with you, even when you don’t feel like it. Smile even when you’re hurting. Hold the door open even when you’re rushed to get home. Say you’re sorry, even whenContinue reading “Day 18 of Giving | Give Big”

Day 17 of Giving | Give Peace

DECEMBER 17TH: Give peace I am flying home today!!!!! Seriously cannot wait to see my pups, my home church and my friends and family of whom I miss so so so stinkin much in 8 stinkin hours. And knowing that I am going home gives me so much peace. Gives me peace that I amContinue reading “Day 17 of Giving | Give Peace”

Day 9 of Giving | Give Cheer

Cheers! DECEMEBER 9TH: Give cheer I love love love the saying “cheers.” It will forever warm my heart. Because it makes me think of England, which then makes me think of traveling, which then makes me feel that much more warmth in my heart because I love the world so dang much. But in allContinue reading “Day 9 of Giving | Give Cheer”

Day 8 of Giving | Give Joy

It’s Thursday! I feel like Thursdays sometimes get forgotten, so give this day a little lovin today. OH. And it’s day 8. Woo! DECEMBER 8TH: Give Joy I am very easily filled with joy. That is just who I am as a person, and something I unashamedly get from my mom. And sometimes me beingContinue reading “Day 8 of Giving | Give Joy”

Day 7 of Giving | Give Encouragment

It has been a week since this whole giving thing started. Pretty crazy. Let’s get started. DECEMEBER 7TH. Give encouragement Wow wow wow. Who doesn’t love encouragement? Who doesn’t love a little boost on a tough day or nice word every once and awhile? You know you love it- so give it today. Give encouragementContinue reading “Day 7 of Giving | Give Encouragment”

Day 4 of Giving | Give Life

Day 4, let’s go! DECEMBER 4TH, 2016: Give Life. Okay, in all honesty, this is a weird one. Because giving life to someone isn’t really a real thing. But I think what I mean by “giving life” I mean giving someone a “reason” to live today, however or whatever that looks like. Existence is aContinue reading “Day 4 of Giving | Give Life”