Countdown to Christmas | Day One of Giving


The Countdown to Christmas, 25 Days of Giving starts today.


Can you believe it is already December 1st?


Well let’s not waste time. Let’s get started.


Give Time.

Give your time today. For something. For someone else.

Give your time to that thing your mom has been asking you to do for quite sometime.

Give your time for that one person that needs your help today.

Drop your phone, your needs for a few minutes, and give that time to someone else.

Give 5, 10, 100 minutes to someone else today.

You can do it- I believe in you.

Every day I will offer an example of how to “give” that day. Please please please don’t take that as me being any better at this giving thing- I just hope that my example can spark an ideas for you!

My Give of the Day: Today is  a day that I am teaching. I have a horrible habit of looking at my phone during my breaks and tutoring. All times in which I am allowed to have my phone, but times that I could be investing a little more in my coworkers, and especially in my students. So today I am going to drop my phone today. Not literally, but ya get what I mean. No phone so I can give more time to my students and coworkers. That’s it.

Good luck gang!

OH. I would love to hear how your 25 days of giving are going too! Tag me on Instagram @gwenn_lynn or email me at! (still need to change my email name…)

See ya soon,
Stephanie Lynn


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