Feeling Beautiful Is Hard | When A Friend Shares The Love

If any of you do not already know, I am horrible at receiving compliments.

I push them aside like they are nothing, like whomever just shared their thoughts didn’t really mean what they said.

But what I have come to realize is that it really isn’t a problem that I stink at receiving compliments. The real problem is that I actually do not believe the person who is complimenting me.

And then what that realization leads to is this: it is so hard for me to receive love. It is hard for me to understand why others would love me for who I am, for what I look like, what I say, or whatever it may be. It is hard for me to take the compliment of “You are beautiful” or “I love you for” fill in the blank, whatever it is, because I am so incredibly aware of my flaws. I am constantly aware of my faults, my downfalls, and most importantly, my sinful thoughts that no one else can hear.

I think that I do not deserve the love others try to give me because there is always someone just a tad bit more godly than me, always someone prettier, always someone better.

But man is that the farthest from the truth.

The Lord really just threw His love for me through one of my closest friends, literally almost pushing me down by how much love I received in just 30 minutes.

That 30 minutes was a photoshoot with my wonderful girlfriend Morgan. It was 30 minutes filled with her constantly encouraging me and her throwing compliments at me left and right. She did not dare let me leave without me understanding how deeply I was loved and how truly wonderful I was and am.

Morgan Judge, you deserve all the thanks in the world, because little did you know, I needed that more than ever. Funny how my Heavenly Father knew and I didn’t, huh?

So I think it is good me for me to share this, and even though it is way out of my comfort zone and so weird for me, it is even better for me to share some pictures that Morgan took of m- because she made me feel beautiful. She made me feel loved. Without even knowing it Morgs, you forced me to receive your love and His love. You taught me how to just stop, soak in the love others give to me, and believe them with every bone in my body.

So thank you Morgs. For loving me and for making me feel like the most precious, beautiful daughter of the King.

Because I am, and so are each and every one of you.

lowres_FOR WEB (85 of 93) lowres_FOR WEB (15 of 93) lowres_FOR WEB (13 of 93) lowres (1 of 1)-3 lowres_FOR WEB (45 of 93)lowres_FOR WEB (10 of 93)

Girls, please do not forget that you are a beautiful, perfect, lovely daughter of the Most High King. A King who showers you in His love and mercy every day because He loves you. A King who looks at you every morning and says, you are worth it.

So take the love that the Lord has given you today, tomorrow, and the next. Don’t you dare turn down encouraging words or uplifting compliments from those around you. The Lord surrounds you with people so that you can feel loved and be loved, so that you can be blessed every day.

Take the love and soak it all up. Because you deserve it my darling.

You may notice that all of these photos are close up, which happens to be my least favorite part about photo shoots. But thats what is so cool about having a friend like Morgs- she forces vulnerability and in return, makes you feel so dang beautiful.

Click here for a link to Morgan’s wonderful photography page.


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