Cheap, Easy, Relaxing | An Easy 1-2-3 To Decorating

Happy Thursday!

I wanted to write a little about some good things for the soul, some good things for the budget, and some good things for decorating and, well, simply put: just some good things.

Good thing #1: GOODWILL

Ahmm. I really truly believe that I could just say the word Goodwill and all y’all would understand, but let me say this: if you want anything and/or everything, go to Goodwill. Your budget will love you, your homies (housemates,roommates, whomever it may be) will adore you, and you will of course find yourself even cooler because of the wonderful items you found. Also, maybe just maybe go in with some kind of list or item in mind, otherwise it may get a little overwhelming and you may get a headache from how warm and stuffy it gets in there.

Here was my list:

-Mason jars

-winter jacket

-Organizers for student teaching (binder, folders, etc)

-Paper towel holder

That was my list. Did I look at other things? Heck yes. Did I find and purchase more than what was on that there list? Absolutely I did, BUT the list did give me something to start with and it kept me a little sorta on track cause when I am in huge stores with too many options my mind goes bonkers.

Here is what I actually purchased:


You see those 4 mason jars? Yeah, 50 cent each right der. You see that little white mug? It says “mind the gap,” which is in reference to the underground in London: 50 cent, had to have it. The file organizer? Um those are $8 at Meijer, and that one there was 78 cents. And instead of a paper towel holder I found a 50 cent gold napkin holder with a pineapple in the middle of it.

Oh and that HUGE pasta bowl my boyfriend Ethan bought for me at a church’s consignment shop because it was $3, and I was too cheap to drop that much cash on one item.

Wow that Goodwill trip was a good thing. We also happened to get lucky and walk in on a day that everything is 50% off (I recommend those days). All these things are great for decorating: they are cheap, easy and kind of relaxing (Goodwills having 50% off are super packed and hot and stuffy…)

Good thing #2: Scripting & Watercoloring

Some of you may know about my Monday Mornings (posted on Instagram and on this blog). I started my Monday Mornings as a way to share my faith through scripting. Scripting was a way and still is a way that I connect with the Lord through my daily devotion or bible/word study. I am a note taker and a doodler, so when I connected that idea to my studying of the bible, my mind exploded in how much easier it was to understand and remember scripture. Watercoloring, thanks to my awesome roomie Wendy, has been a great avenue of worship for me, as well. Both of these things are so incredibly relaxing for me. They calm my anxious heart and they give me an outlet for relaxation and peace thatI never knew I had.


Oh and they are two really good things to decorate with because you can get on Pinterest and copy pretty things like watermelon, ice cream, and donuts.

Good thing #3: Hanging Dead Flowers


LOL. Did the dead get your attention? Well guess what- I meant it. Cause when you hang flowers to dry them, they die. So, essentially you are hanging dead stuff on your wall. That is beside the point- ANYWHO- hanging flowers has been my go-to for decorating. It is easy, cheap and relaxing- unless you get a thorny flower, then it is just hurtful and the opposite of relaxing.

Here’s how you do it: Grab some scissors and bug-spray, go out to your mom’s garden or your school’s campus, and find anything and everything that could look cool all bunched together in a little bouquet. Go inside, cut some twine, tie it around the handful of flowers, flip her upside down, and voila, you’ve got some hanging flowers that will eventually die but still look really cool on your wall.

I did all three of these things in the last week. They are easy, fun, cheap, relaxing: they are good things.

I hope you get to enjoy some good things this coming weekend.

Thanks for reading!

See ya soon,

Stephanie Lynn


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