Prague In 6ish Sentences


When the clock strikes midnight, I will officially be leaving for Prague in exactly 3 weeks, and I cannot lie, I am beyond nervous- completely shaking in my boots.

1. Change is tough, nerve racking, and being away from all that I know for 2 whole months is hard for my heart to grasp.

2. Graduating in 3 months with no job, no plans, and little idea of where I am to be after is terrifying me beyond belief.

3. I am tired, worn and anxious, but man is The Lord still good, yes He is still present, and holy moly is His calling still whispering my name.

So I am grasping to the truth that God is my Father, my shield, and my joy. I am clinging to His hands that are have control and all the power I will ever need.

Did I mention that I leave for Prague in 21 days?

See you soon Prague,

Stephanie Lynn


4 thoughts on “Prague In 6ish Sentences

  1. You will feel like a princess while walking on the streets of Prague! Change is tough yes, but without it you cannot grow! The two months will go by fast, so make the most of it!

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