The First of Many

Welp. This is my first blog. Ever. I couldn’t really tell you what to expect from my blogs. I know for me, they will be questions that are running through my mind daily. They will be new ideas and old ideas. But mostly they will make you think. My goal for this blog is to make you, the reader, think about how you are living your life. I really just want to write about new ways of living for Christ which will involve me questioning how I and we live: in our daily routines, our relationship with Christ, and our relationship with others.

Being a Christian is the most difficult thing I have ever committed to BUT I wouldn’t change it for the world. Christ is how I get through the day, His grace that I am so undeserving of makes me a better person. But living a true Christian lifestyle is hard, and always will be hard because of the fallen world that we live in. So that is what I am going to blog about. My blogs will be written by me, as a sinner, who is just writing out her thoughts as she goes about her day. Nothing too drastic, nothing too exciting.


I do want to have fun with this blog. I’ll share my most embarrassing moments and moments I will never forget. I’ll post random things, like pictures or crafts, probably mostly things I have done on pinterest that have failed miserably. I am quirky and awkward, and I really just want to share my life with others. I want to share my struggles and my heartache, but also all that I have been blessed with.

I’m just living my life as an adventure, with Christ as my Guide, and I have decided to share that adventure with you.


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