Cheap, Easy, Relaxing | An Easy 1-2-3 To Decorating

Happy Thursday! I wanted to write a little about some good things for the soul, some good things for the budget, and some good things for decorating and, well, simply put: just some good things. Good thing #1: GOODWILL Ahmm. I really truly believe that I could just say the word Goodwill and all y’allContinue reading “Cheap, Easy, Relaxing | An Easy 1-2-3 To Decorating”

You Thought They Were Lying: The 4 Truths About College

As I write this I am 4 short days away from my last semester as a college student. 4 days away from my last 7 weeks on my college campus. 4 days away from starting my last but many memories of a community that has fed me, grown me, and encouraged me through my lastContinue reading “You Thought They Were Lying: The 4 Truths About College”

Healthy Living For His Glory

Hey y’all! This is a quick blog post to share with you a few things that I have found so great and helpful in my daily walk with The Lord, and especially things that have helped me focus on Him rather than myself. If any of you follow me on Instagram or are my FacebookContinue reading “Healthy Living For His Glory”

Identitiy Crisis #2: It Starts With Him

I have sat in front of my computer screen one too many times over the last 3 weeks, trying to piece together something of worth when talking about finding my identity in Christ. I was overwhelmed by all that I wanted to say, but not knowing how to say it. So first off, please knowContinue reading “Identitiy Crisis #2: It Starts With Him”

This One’s To You Daddy

As I have grown in my faith, growing closer to my Heavenly Father, I have come to appreciate even more how much my dad does for me. When I compare God to my dad, I start to tear up. Thinking about the fatherly love God had for His Son as He hung on the crossContinue reading “This One’s To You Daddy”

Do These 4 Things Every Day

Just do these 4 things every single day, no matter what, and you’ll be golden. 1. Make your Bed.  Roll out of bed then turn back around. Smooth out the sheets, straighten out the comforter, throw the pillows back in place (anyone else have too many/you can never have too many, throw pillows?) and voila!,Continue reading “Do These 4 Things Every Day”

There’s This Little Thing Called Faith

I forgot. And man did I forget big time. Wait, what did you forget? Well it may sound lame, but I forgot the reason I wanted to teach overseas. I forgot why God randomly laid ‘teaching over seas’ on my heart a month and a half before the application was due. I forgot how muchContinue reading “There’s This Little Thing Called Faith”