Day 3 of Giving | Give Jesus

Woohoo day 3! If you are still tagging along (three days is a commitment if you ask me), thank you. Seriously, thank you. DECEMBER 3RD: Give Jesus Now hear me when I say this: I know that not every one that reads my blog/follows me believes in Jesus. And that is okay. I just wantContinue reading “Day 3 of Giving | Give Jesus”


Day 2 of Giving | Give Energy

Day number 2 of giving. DECEMBER 2ND: Give energy Giving energy is a tough one. Because everything takes some form of energy, to getting out of bed in the morning to tying your kiddo’s shoes. It’s an odd thing to give actually. But energy is something we like to hold onto, kinda like our time.Continue reading “Day 2 of Giving | Give Energy”

Countdown to Christmas | Day One of Giving

TODAY IS THE DAY! The Countdown to Christmas, 25 Days of Giving starts today. Can you believe it is already December 1st? Insane. Well let’s not waste time. Let’s get started. DECEMBER 1ST: Give Time. Give your time today. For something. For someone else. Give your time to that thing your mom has been askingContinue reading “Countdown to Christmas | Day One of Giving”

Countdown to Christmas | 25 Days of Giving

Christmas season is an oh so wonderful time of the year. A season that holds so much joy and so much love. Yet, 90% of the time the spirit of joy is turned into a spirit of chaos and “mine, mine mine.” We run over people to save 50 bucks. We push and pull andContinue reading “Countdown to Christmas | 25 Days of Giving”