Day 24 & 25 of Giving | Give & Give Generously

DECEMBER 24TH & 25TH: Give & give generously I am going to be signing off social media for a little while, which is why I am sharing two days of giving in one! If there has been anything that I have learned during this 25 days of giving and just the last few years ofContinue reading “Day 24 & 25 of Giving | Give & Give Generously”

Day 23 of Giving | Give Compliments

I need to let y’all know that I really don’t like using just pictures of myself for my blog, but my friend took these a year ago and made me feel so loved and valued and confident in who I am, so I need to share her work every once and awhile <3. ANYWAY! 2Continue reading “Day 23 of Giving | Give Compliments”

Day 22 of Giving | Give Friendship

DECEMBER 22ND: Give friendship Can we all just say a huge hallelujah, amen to the Lord above for giving us people to live with on this earth? People who love well, and people who aren’t afraid of us at our lowest and who always root for us at our highest. I seriously love my peopleContinue reading “Day 22 of Giving | Give Friendship”

Day 21 of Giving | Give Talent

DECEMBER 21ST: Give talents Holy moly it is 4 days until Christmas. Are you serious? If you have followed along this far in the 25 days of giving- seriously, thank you. Even if you are just my mom ❤ Today is give your talents.  We are all good at something. Singing, speaking, running, mutli-tasking, organizing,Continue reading “Day 21 of Giving | Give Talent”

Day 20 of Giving | Give Good Food

DECEMBER 20TH: Give good food. Well, my brother caught me. I didn’t give Target the other day. Because- and I know this is a huge shocker to most of you- I did not go to Target or any kind of grocery store the few days before I left for Illinois. SO. I still need toContinue reading “Day 20 of Giving | Give Good Food”

Day 19 of Giving | Give Forgiveness

DECEMBER 19TH: Give forgiveness. As I am sitting here typing this post, the night before I post it, I truly can’t think of someone that I am holding a grudge against. But I do hold grudges. Really really well. So there are many days were I need to give forgiveness to those who have wrongedContinue reading “Day 19 of Giving | Give Forgiveness”

Day 16 of Giving | Give Warmth

DECEMBER 16TH: Give warmth. I am one of those people who would choose being hot and sweaty over cold any day of the week. Which is a huge reason of why I love California so dang much and am dreading the day I have to leave for good. ANYWHO. Giving warmth just sounds cozy toContinue reading “Day 16 of Giving | Give Warmth”

Day 15 of Giving | Give Target

You’d think with as much as I go to Target I’d had the pictures to prove it. Only had three-but like the picture above says #noragrets. DECEMBER 15TH: Give Target. Wow. Who doesn’t love Target?!?! Target is my fave place to be. I could go there every day and never get sick of the place.Continue reading “Day 15 of Giving | Give Target”

Day 12 of Giving | Give Grace

DECEMBER 12TH: Give grace. Grace is a word that holds a lot of meanings in just five little letters. And honestly, I am not entirely sure how to help you give grace today. Because giving someone grace is tough. It means forgiving someone for a wrong they may have done, or letting that one personContinue reading “Day 12 of Giving | Give Grace”

Day 6 of Giving | Give Good News

Day 6 comin’ at ya! DECEMBER 6TH: Give Good News Everybody loves good news. So give it today. Tell someone you appreciate their work, whether they are a cashier at McDonalds or a random barista. Tell someone their work is noticed, their hard labor is not forgotten. Or tell that little girl she looks likeContinue reading “Day 6 of Giving | Give Good News”