Day 24 & 25 of Giving | Give & Give Generously

DECEMBER 24TH & 25TH: Give & give generously I am going to be signing off social media for a little while, which is why I am sharing two days of giving in one! If there has been anything that I have learned during this 25 days of giving and just the last few years ofContinue reading “Day 24 & 25 of Giving | Give & Give Generously”

Day 3 of Giving | Give Jesus

Woohoo day 3! If you are still tagging along (three days is a commitment if you ask me), thank you. Seriously, thank you. DECEMBER 3RD: Give Jesus Now hear me when I say this: I know that not every one that reads my blog/follows me believes in Jesus. And that is okay. I just wantContinue reading “Day 3 of Giving | Give Jesus”