Day 9 of Giving | Give Cheer

Cheers! DECEMEBER 9TH: Give cheer I love love love the saying “cheers.” It will forever warm my heart. Because it makes me think of England, which then makes me think of traveling, which then makes me feel that much more warmth in my heart because I love the world so dang much. But in allContinue reading “Day 9 of Giving | Give Cheer”

Day 8 of Giving | Give Joy

It’s Thursday! I feel like Thursdays sometimes get forgotten, so give this day a little lovin today. OH. And it’s day 8. Woo! DECEMBER 8TH: Give Joy I am very easily filled with joy. That is just who I am as a person, and something I unashamedly get from my mom. And sometimes me beingContinue reading “Day 8 of Giving | Give Joy”

Day 7 of Giving | Give Encouragment

It has been a week since this whole giving thing started. Pretty crazy. Let’s get started. DECEMEBER 7TH. Give encouragement Wow wow wow. Who doesn’t love encouragement? Who doesn’t love a little boost on a tough day or nice word every once and awhile? You know you love it- so give it today. Give encouragementContinue reading “Day 7 of Giving | Give Encouragment”

Day 6 of Giving | Give Good News

Day 6 comin’ at ya! DECEMBER 6TH: Give Good News Everybody loves good news. So give it today. Tell someone you appreciate their work, whether they are a cashier at McDonalds or a random barista. Tell someone their work is noticed, their hard labor is not forgotten. Or tell that little girl she looks likeContinue reading “Day 6 of Giving | Give Good News”

Day 5 of Giving | Give Back

Day 5, here we go.  And in celebration of successfully giving for almost 5 days, here is a picture of me and my college roommates posing for our Christmas card my junior year. ANYWAY. DECEMBER 5TH: Give Back Originally I had this day named, “give money” but it sounds a little too forward for myContinue reading “Day 5 of Giving | Give Back”

Day 4 of Giving | Give Life

Day 4, let’s go! DECEMBER 4TH, 2016: Give Life. Okay, in all honesty, this is a weird one. Because giving life to someone isn’t really a real thing. But I think what I mean by “giving life” I mean giving someone a “reason” to live today, however or whatever that looks like. Existence is aContinue reading “Day 4 of Giving | Give Life”

Day 2 of Giving | Give Energy

Day number 2 of giving. DECEMBER 2ND: Give energy Giving energy is a tough one. Because everything takes some form of energy, to getting out of bed in the morning to tying your kiddo’s shoes. It’s an odd thing to give actually. But energy is something we like to hold onto, kinda like our time.Continue reading “Day 2 of Giving | Give Energy”

Countdown to Christmas | Day One of Giving

TODAY IS THE DAY! The Countdown to Christmas, 25 Days of Giving starts today. Can you believe it is already December 1st? Insane. Well let’s not waste time. Let’s get started. DECEMBER 1ST: Give Time. Give your time today. For something. For someone else. Give your time to that thing your mom has been askingContinue reading “Countdown to Christmas | Day One of Giving”