Saved By The Post-It

Todays prompt: Unknown  Yesterday’s prompt? Post- It Topic of today’s post? Saved By The Post-It When I was in college (talking like I am 57 years old here with 6 grand-babies), I used post-its like no other. I would write my schedule out for each day, then I would list on a single post-it allContinue reading “Saved By The Post-It”

Why Laughter is Always The Best Medicine

Today’s prompt: Muddle

Muddle is a funny word. It rhymes with puddle (which I love puddles), which then got me thinking of the word juggle, then I instantly thought of clowns.

I’m not a big fan of clowns. But I am of a HUGE fan of laughing.

Tests Are The Worst

Today’s Prompt: Test. Honestly nothing popped into my head when I read that word- mostly because I just got done cooking bacon, making the fire alarm go off, and now I am currently questioning if the bacon is even cooked enough for me to be eating it. That’s how much of a cook I am.Continue reading “Tests Are The Worst”

Things Aren’t Always About You

Well looks like I’m starting out in a good grove for this writing thing- starting a day late, after already being 5 days late on top of it all. ANYWAY. Today’s prompt? You. Now how should I look at this? Should I write about me or you? Cause when we read the word ‘you’ weContinue reading “Things Aren’t Always About You”