You Graduated, Now What?

Do me a favor, and take a quick breath. And stop listening to them. Stop trying to answer the constant questions from everyone around you. Stop trying to have all the answers.Because, you won’t have them. You don’t have them. And that is okay. Not knowing is okay. And I want you to know that. Because you just graduated and that isContinue reading “You Graduated, Now What?”


A New Way To Blog

So I was listening to a podcast called the Lively Show, and the guest that was speaking was a blogger, a mom of 6, and a designer all in one. First of all, can we just give that lady a round of applause? Second of all, this gal had some great stuff to say andContinue reading “A New Way To Blog”

You Thought They Were Lying: The 4 Truths About College

As I write this I am 4 short days away from my last semester as a college student. 4 days away from my last 7 weeks on my college campus. 4 days away from starting my last but many memories of a community that has fed me, grown me, and encouraged me through my lastContinue reading “You Thought They Were Lying: The 4 Truths About College”