Day 17 of Giving | Give Peace

DECEMBER 17TH: Give peace I am flying home today!!!!! Seriously cannot wait to see my pups, my home church and my friends and family of whom I miss so so so stinkin much in 8 stinkin hours. And knowing that I am going home gives me so much peace. Gives me peace that I amContinue reading “Day 17 of Giving | Give Peace”


Day 16 of Giving | Give Warmth

DECEMBER 16TH: Give warmth. I am one of those people who would choose being hot and sweaty over cold any day of the week. Which is a huge reason of why I love California so dang much and am dreading the day I have to leave for good. ANYWHO. Giving warmth just sounds cozy toContinue reading “Day 16 of Giving | Give Warmth”

Day 13 of Giving | Give Love

DECEMBER 13TH: Give love. UH. I love love. Because love is the one thing in this world you can’t deny. Something we all so desperately need. Something we all so deserve. Something we can all give. Something that I believe is so much bigger than you and me. When we hear ‘God is love’ itContinue reading “Day 13 of Giving | Give Love”

Day 12 of Giving | Give Grace

DECEMBER 12TH: Give grace. Grace is a word that holds a lot of meanings in just five little letters. And honestly, I am not entirely sure how to help you give grace today. Because giving someone grace is tough. It means forgiving someone for a wrong they may have done, or letting that one personContinue reading “Day 12 of Giving | Give Grace”

Day 9 of Giving | Give Cheer

Cheers! DECEMEBER 9TH: Give cheer I love love love the saying “cheers.” It will forever warm my heart. Because it makes me think of England, which then makes me think of traveling, which then makes me feel that much more warmth in my heart because I love the world so dang much. But in allContinue reading “Day 9 of Giving | Give Cheer”

Day 8 of Giving | Give Joy

It’s Thursday! I feel like Thursdays sometimes get forgotten, so give this day a little lovin today. OH. And it’s day 8. Woo! DECEMBER 8TH: Give Joy I am very easily filled with joy. That is just who I am as a person, and something I unashamedly get from my mom. And sometimes me beingContinue reading “Day 8 of Giving | Give Joy”

Day 7 of Giving | Give Encouragment

It has been a week since this whole giving thing started. Pretty crazy. Let’s get started. DECEMEBER 7TH. Give encouragement Wow wow wow. Who doesn’t love encouragement? Who doesn’t love a little boost on a tough day or nice word every once and awhile? You know you love it- so give it today. Give encouragementContinue reading “Day 7 of Giving | Give Encouragment”

Day 6 of Giving | Give Good News

Day 6 comin’ at ya! DECEMBER 6TH: Give Good News Everybody loves good news. So give it today. Tell someone you appreciate their work, whether they are a cashier at McDonalds or a random barista. Tell someone their work is noticed, their hard labor is not forgotten. Or tell that little girl she looks likeContinue reading “Day 6 of Giving | Give Good News”

Day 5 of Giving | Give Back

Day 5, here we go.  And in celebration of successfully giving for almost 5 days, here is a picture of me and my college roommates posing for our Christmas card my junior year. ANYWAY. DECEMBER 5TH: Give Back Originally I had this day named, “give money” but it sounds a little too forward for myContinue reading “Day 5 of Giving | Give Back”

Gwenn’s Diary | Entry 2: Put the Car in Drive

Gwenn’s Diary | Entry 2: Put the Car in Drive Dear diary, Where did we leave off?  Oh ya- Ben just flew back to Atlanta after telling you he wanted to see how this long distance thing works. And you’re just now leaving LA, driving back after a whirlwind 4-days-long first date. And you’re crying.Continue reading “Gwenn’s Diary | Entry 2: Put the Car in Drive”