News + Books | Adult Life Is Kinda Nice

Remember those short posts I talked about a long, long time ago? If not, hit this link, catch up, then come on back to this here blog post, cause this is one of them. I visited a new church this morning, added another job to my resume, edited my soon-to-be (hopefully) growing budget plan, actuallyContinue reading “News + Books | Adult Life Is Kinda Nice”


Progress Is Progress | Moving Forward Ain’t That Complicated

“So how is school? What are you up to now?”

Oh, no actually I graduated this past December.

“Oh how great! What are you plans for after graduation then?”


The ‘News’ of 2016 | Resolutions Aren’t The Only Thing To Make For The New Year

Man I wish that I could welcome 2016 with open arms. The kind of open arms that are ready for change, ready for growth, ready for a new way of life. Because that is what a new year is supposed to offer, right?

4, 750 Miles & A Thankful Heart

Whoa, long time no blog, huh? Well, if I my blog and Instagram is all about truth and vulnerability, then I guess I’ll have to honest with you all. Here it is: living overseas has been the hardest thing I have ever done in my entire life. But I’m only 21, how can I sayContinue reading “4, 750 Miles & A Thankful Heart”

A New Way To Blog

So I was listening to a podcast called the Lively Show, and the guest that was speaking was a blogger, a mom of 6, and a designer all in one. First of all, can we just give that lady a round of applause? Second of all, this gal had some great stuff to say andContinue reading “A New Way To Blog”

Um: What Is Teaching?

Is it okay to say that I really don’t know what I am doing when it comes to student teaching? It is a whole new world to me. A world where I actually go every day, where I am planning for every half hour of every day, where all the students will soon be myContinue reading “Um: What Is Teaching?”

You Thought They Were Lying: The 4 Truths About College

As I write this I am 4 short days away from my last semester as a college student. 4 days away from my last 7 weeks on my college campus. 4 days away from starting my last but many memories of a community that has fed me, grown me, and encouraged me through my lastContinue reading “You Thought They Were Lying: The 4 Truths About College”