Joy Is Pineapples, Watermelons, & Florida’s Chickens 

Joy: a feeling of great pleasure and happiness. It's a funny thing that joy. It can swing as high as belly laugh or smiling until you cheeks hurt, or as low as an indescribable peace in the eye of the storm. Joy can come in the happy moments, but it also can come in the crappy moments. …

How To Be The Perfect Intern

But let me tell you something: God was just chuckling up in heaven with how hesitantly I was to grabbing onto His plan because MAN was his plan so incredibly generous and SO perfect for where I was and am right now.

The Truth About Believing In Jesus

A few days ago I was thinking "dude you blog more about local places and your outfits than you do Jesus and that is what your blog is supposed to be all about." This is very true and kinda frustrating, so I just want to set things straight...

Why I Want To Punch Satan In The Face

Come on ISIS. Of course you'll take credit for this- anything that installs fear you will raise your hand high in victory- but the thing is, I don't care that you take credit, because my God is bigger.

I Want To Be Fearless

I want to be fearless because I fear Him, in the most beautiful, magnificent way ever imagined. I fear what He can do, how He can move, where He is taking me.