Why A Podcast Steph?


“So what is this good good thing you’re doing that we saw on Facebook?” My sweet grandparents had picked me up from the airport last night, and as we hopped into the car, this was the first question they asked me.

I love that question. So much. Because that question is exactly what I had to ask myself for years before I decided to just hop onto this fast moving train of the podcast world.

I will give y’all the short and sweet version: I love good conversation with good people. And I love podcasts. So why not put them together? That is all Good Good Talks is: just an excuse for me to get together with people I love and admire and cherish and record our random conversations for others to join us in.

I have listened to podcasts for years, traveling to and from Illinois to my school in Indiana, to traveling across the nation, and to the 45 minute commutes many many times a week for my first teaching job. I listened to stuff from sermons to crime podcasts, but my favorite ones were the conversations between two people. Two people who would share their stories, their goods, their bads, and all the in between. I learned more by listening to those conversations than I ever thought I could, and I figured, why couldn’t I join them?

Because everybody has a story that matters, a story that deserves to be celebrated, and I all I wanna do is share those stories with others.

So podcast world, here I come.

And thats it. I love podcasts. I love conversations. So I put two and two together- literally. So head on over to iTunes, grab yourself a cup of coffee or tea or if you’re my friend Caity, a glass of water, and join me every other Thursday for a good conversation, with good people, on Good Good Talks.

PHEW. i’m sweating I’m so excited and nervous. Also I am trying real hard not to spoil the first episode for y’all because its 24 minutes of me pouring my dream of this podcast out for y’all, as well as about 10ish minutes of my friend Kennedy and myself throwing ideas back and forth and Ken giving me some encouragement and love for this crazy dream of mine.

So, I’ll see ya soon. Real soon.

Stephanie Lynn




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