I Wish I Was A WunderKid


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I finally recognized that too many artists at too young an age are compromising and ultimately shelving their dreams as a result of the rising cost of education. – Denise Troy

For the first time EVER I received an email to collaborate with an organization doing some good stuff for people- and I am STOKED.

WUNDERKID is it’s name and supporting young artists is their game.

WUNDERKID is an organization that empowers young artists and provides a platform for them to create beautiful art while simultaneously allowing them to meaningfully pursue a career in the arts. With each sale, they contribute into a tuition fund for the artist. Now that is an organization I can stand under. 

I think my favorite part about WUNDERKID is the fact that it not only gives students an outlet for their creativity, but it rewards them for it. It rewards them for being different; it asks them to be the change; it pushes them to pursue their dreams.

So I am totally on board with WUNDERKID, and I would love for y’all to join me.

From unique and silly and fun greeting cards, to original art and prints from emerging young artists, Wunderkid has created a little slice of heaven in their own little corner of cyberspace. 

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Like- who needs any Picasso or Warhol when you’ve got these kids?

Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 9.21.39 AM

Guys their cards? I sent one to my mom for Mother’s Day and it was the hardest thing to let it go. They are that gorgeous. And fun. And unique.

I bought my mom this boring old, apron. But then I added the “I love you a latte” card from WUNDERKID and few little cheesy notes as well, and man did that apron look 20X better.

Greeting cards are a lost art, and I love that I have a new place to not only find unique ways to show people I love and support them, but I now have a place to support students and kids in what they are so brilliantly gifted to do- and help them take a step forward in their dreams of getting where they wanna be.

Honestly, I may just send all the cards to me-self. And hang them all on my walls. Their that great.

IMG_8142 (1)

So shoot on over to their website, give them a follow on Instagram or Facebook, or share this post just to get the word out.

Seriously guys- support the organizations that support our friends’, families’, kids’, students’ futures.

Cause we need more good things like this in the world. 

See ya soon,

Stephanie Lynn



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