Let The Man Lead

img_6420I am the kind of girl that knows what she wants. The kind of girl that wants to be seen as independent and strong and is more than a control freak. The kind of girl that makes it really hard for a guy to take the lead because I have the reigns pulled so tight my way before he even gets a chance to think about where he wants to take me for dinner.

Why, you ask?  Because, I know what I want.  Which is good but also so so bad.

Because God doesn’t give us what we want, He gives us what we need. 

And apparently, I want a guy who will lead, but in my time and on my watch.  I want a guy who will take me on an adventure, but let me memorize the map first. I want a man who will say “let me lead” but let me throw the first punch.

And what I have learned over a good chunk of time is this: that no matter what I tell myself or how great I think I am, I suck at letting the man lead.

And I am pretty sure you do too. Because woman and girls now-a-days are taught to fend for themselves, to be independent, to never be too needy or to let the guy know you’re into him.We are taught to take the lead because WE ARE WOMEN AND WE ARE STRONG AND MEN SHOULDN’T BE ABLE TO TELL US WHAT TO DO.

But ladies, they should. The man should lead. He should be the one to open your car door and pay for your dinner.

He should because he was created to.

He was created to be the leader in the relationship, to be the first one to dive head first into the unknown. Which means letting him pay for dinner and letting him make the first move; because those “moves” belong to them; those ‘firsts’ were made for them. Man was created to lead, but man also wasn’t meant to be and lead, alone.

Which is why the man gets down on one knee and asks you to spend the rest of your life with him. Which is why he is the one to open every door but then lock the door behind him. He was made to surrender and to protect. To lead and to love.

And women, we have to remember that. 

And then we have to remember how to balance their leading with our helping. Because we weren’t created after the man because we are less, but we were created after the man because God did not want him to be alone. Because God wasn’t done yet. Because it was “good” but not “very good” until we ladies came about.

We women were created because men couldn’t do this life alone.
We were created to stand by their side and to let them lead.
We were created to let them lead but then catch them if and when they fall.

And if you think about it, that is a pretty dang good team.

Way to go God.

See ya soon,

Stephanie Lynn

Images by Morgan Hoogland


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