Wardrobe Wed|Nes|Day Is Back: Season Style

So Wardrobe Wed|Nes|Day began because I wanted to share with y’all what I think is so worth it and so great to add/have/invest in for your spring, summer, fall, etc. wardrobe.

Insert Season + the Pepper Dress that I mentioned on Monday’s post.

I really don’t need to tell any of y’all anything about Season and the Pepper Dress except this: please know that the investment into this beautifully designed dress by Jessie Artigue is more than an investment in your wardrobe.

It is an investment that says the hands that make and produce what you wear matter.

Its choosing to say what you spend your money on matters.

That is why I love Season. 
Because it is a brand that cares from beginning to end.

From the material and design, to the hands that make it, to the fashionista /small town girl/city gal/adventure seeking/beach loungin’/CEO boss woman who rocks the Pepper Dress wherever they go.

It’s a brand that wants you to feel beautiful and spunky and worth itbecause you are. 

That’s why I love Season.

And I hope y’all love it too. 

Support and snag yourself one of those beauties pictured above on Jessie’s Kickstarter Page.

Let’s blow Jess’s goal for this kickstarter out of the water. What’d’a yall say?

See y’all soon,

Stephanie Lynn

All Photos By: Christa Norman


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