Stop Living With Regrets


I’m a big fan of running with your arms open wide, taking every chance and every opportunity and never looking back.

A big fan of it. 

Imma big fan of having no regrets and letting God take control of the rest.

Take my past relationship for example.

I let myself fall far. I dreamt and wished and fell hard for my high school crush, truly believe there was nothing/no one else.

I dreamt of marriage with this guy, loved every moment I spent with his family, and never thought I would live without him.

Yet here I am, living on the other side of the country a year later: with no guy, no dream life, no marriage, but also, no regrets.

Break ups and relationships, whether ending on good notes or splitting on bad ones, are just hard from every angle.

And as a girl who feels all the feels all the time, who dreams big and falls hard, I fell flat on my face, real hard, when my “dream” ended.

But I do not have any regrets. Not one.

And I don’t want you to have any regrets either. 

Because living life worrying about making the wrong move or saying the wrong thing or not doing enough or doing too much- is never worth it.

But loving deeply and fully is.

Giving who you are and never holding back who you are, is worth it.

Heck yes there is a chance of hurt in the end. But when is there not?

Now hear me now ladies: I’m not saying lose yourself. I’m not saying give all of you, where you lose yourself and some other pretty important parts of yourself too. Never compromise your worth and heart for something or someone who you know is/are not what The Lord has made for you.

But what I am saying, is don’t be afraid of letting someone in just because you’ve been hurt before.

Don’t be afraid to give in and trust the process of a good thing from the Lord landing in your lap.

Stop letting the worry of regrets or past failures and hurts stop you from living where you are right now.

Because you don’t know the future. But you do know the past. And you do know yourself.

You’ve learned from where you’ve walked, and grown into who you are called to be in the process.

So be you.

Fall hard, and love deeply, and love with no regrets.

And if you fall, know the Lord is working in the mess, and sit in the truth that you have no regrets of how much/deep you loved.

See you soon,

Stephanie Lynn


2 thoughts on “Stop Living With Regrets

  1. Hi Stephanie! I just have to say that your posts are seriously the biggest blessings. I love reading your perspective when it comes to life because you are always brimming with positivity and wise advice. Your posts offer a lot of clarity and comfort, and really help me to feel like God is out there moving and shaking, when I feel Him the least. Your blog is awesome, just like this post. Thanks for always sharing your perspective! It’s always inspirational.

    1. Oh my goodness Sabrina, thank you so so much! This means the world! Thank you for taking time to read my posts- that means so much! I am kinda running low on things to write about, so if you have any ideas, throw them my way!:)

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