The Kind of Person I Want To Be


I wanna be the person who celebrates the small, the big, the goofy, and the awkward.

Because life should be celebrated.

I love when people celebrate people. When people choose the good instead of the bad. When someone flips your day around just by helping you see that the cup isn’t half empty, it’s half full.

I want to be that kind of person– who celebrates those around her and lifts others up in their successes and sits with them when their down, then drags them to get ice cream because you might as well eat ice cream if you’ve had a bad day. Ice cream is always a good idea.

Life should be celebrated.

I want to be a woman who sees herself as strong and full and perfect and whole in Jesus, and then just pour that truth into every woman around me.

Because let’s face it- the world these days just isn’t satisified with who we are now- it is always focused on making us better, skinnier, healthier, popular-er.

But that isn’t how God created us to be.

He created us saying, “You do you, babe” (my paraphrasing, of course).

God created us to be exactly who we are and no one else. He created us to own who we are and live like no one is watching.

So girl?

You do you.

I want to be good. That is what my One personality strives for (check out the Enneagram if you don’t get what I’m sayin’ here).

But really this word “good” has stuck out to me over the last few months when I have been digging into the Word.

God is good. God has so much good in this world for us. He wants us to do good. He wants us to be enthusiastic to do good. He wants us to do good and love deeply in His name.

And I’ve realized, that is all I really want to do. That all I really want to be.

I want to be good- for Him and for His Kingdom and glory.


Do good.

I want to celebrate life, big and small, be who God created me to be and leak that truth to every woman I meet, and do good everywhere I go.

(In short, I’ve realized that the kind of person I want to be, happens to be my mom. She leaks Jesus and joy and love and grace. She celebrates even when you’d rather sit and pout, she owns who God made her to be, and she is the good-est person I know.)

So mom? I wanna be like you, I guess.

See you soon,

Stephanie Lynn


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