22 Things I Learned in my 22nd Year


Wow has The Lord been more than gracious this year.

And since it has been awhile since I’ve written on this here blog, I figured, why not celebrate the last year of my life with a few things I’ve learned- in hopes somebody can relate or learn from my mistakes/failures/successes, etc.

So here we go, y’all.

1. Life should be celebrated. This has become my new motto. Every life, every moment, every baby step deserves a party . Accomplishments like getting through a Monday itself deserve a trophy and a long bear hug. Celebrate every moment guys.


2. Building character and patience and perseverance sucks. But it’s worth it in the long run. So so so so worth it. I seriously praise God every morning, that He took me and lead me through hell and back because now I can do #1 a whole stinkin’ lot better.

3. Life isn’t about me. Or you, or him, or your husband or your wife. Life and it’s purpose is for His kingdom and His glory. That’s it. Nothing more. And that truth makes living life a whole lot easier.

4. God is gracious and good and kind. He didn’t need to give me any of the blessings that He did this past year, but He did because He is good and gracious and kind and a perfect Heavenly Father.

5. 22 has two tens and two ones. Just a fun fact for all my teachers out there.

6. 22 is actually a lot of years and a lot of things to learn and list off…

7. Target will always calm your nerves and heart in any storm. Go there for any kind of therapy and I promise you’ll come out a better person. And feel like a champ if you come out with nothing in your hands and money still in your bank account.

8. Re-watching any Netflix show is never a waste of time. 

9. California is way better than Illinois. Sorry mom, but I don’t think I am ever coming back.

10. Put family first. You will never regret seeing the ones you love.

11. I should have bought stock in Starbucks 22 years ago. First thing I am doing when I turn 23.


12. When you tell people you like pineapples, be prepared for pineapples. Everywhere. 

13. Plant roots no matter your timeline.

14. God always has better plans than you. Can I get an amen somebody?!

15. Save money. It’s worth it. I promise. New cars don’t come easy.

16. Make sure to thank your parents, for everything. Taking care of little people is really tough. Watching them grow is bittersweet. And sending them off is even more bitter than sweet. I wouldn’t be able to stand on my own two feet in sunny California without them.

17. Own who you are and never apologize for it. Be who you want to be and nobody else.

18. The right thing is rarely the easy thing.

19. Check the dryer before you throw anything white in it. 

20. Dancing anywhere, anytime, is always the best option.

21. Go with your gut. Not everybody will agree with you. And that is okay.

22. God’s got you. 

22 was a great year. 23- I dare ya to do better.

See ya soon,

Stephanie Lynn


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