The Box That Matters


Oh my oh my oh my.

Where do I start?

The box that matters.


Let’s just say I love the internet. And I love connecting with people and organizations that I would not have heard of if it wasn’t for the world wide web.

And CAUSEBOX is one of them.

CAUSEBOX is an organization that teams up with do-gooders throughout the world, bringing their creativity, their spark, their story and their mission to your front door.

“The products inside CAUSEBOX help provide jobs, meals, education, clean water, and more to countless women, men, and children around the world.
They have been able to donate 20,000+ meals and support artisan groups in every corner of the world… and they’re only getting started.”

THAT is why I love them.

I sometimes wish the Lord placed one specific mission/focus on my heart, something like sex trafficking or youth ministry, but what He has given me has been a passion for all things that do good, mean good and love good (I know that is incorrect grammar, but roll with it).

So partnering with a business or organization/non-profit has always been a dream of mine, but without a specific passion or focus in mind, I’ve been lost in where to start.

And CAUSEBOX has given me a starting point.

Because they do what they say: the products inside each box provide jobs, meals, education, clean water and more to people all over the world- all GOOD things that every person in the world needs and deserves.

With every product comes a story and a purpose. A story that matters and a purpose that is   good.

And that is how I want to live my life: with a story that matters and a purpose that is good.

And as believers, we are called to give and love and share in the hope and grace and love that the Gospel has to offer.

And no, not all of the organizations that partner with CAUSEBOX are Christian based, nor is CAUSEBOX affiliated with Christianity, but I think that is what is so cool.

CAUSEBOX and every product within their boxes goes towards a cause, a purpose, and a story that shares hope and grace and love and is for the good of all people.


A cause of hope because people are earning a better tomorrow and a joyful life through the products that CAUSEBOX distributes.

A story of grace and love because every one deserves to live this life in relationship and love and acceptance, and CAUSEBOX does that through every partnership.

A story of purpose because it is for the good of all people. And who doesn’t love a purpose that is good and for others?


So there ya have it friends. I’m all in with this company, and I hope y’all will be too.

OH. And here’s a link to the beautiful CAUSEBOX site so you can signed up today.

See ya soon,

Stephanie Lynn


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