Gwenn’s Diary | Entry 3: The End is Just the Beginning


So as of about 2 and a half months ago, I emailed a guy thinking, “hey, maybe we’ll just talk and get to know each other. And then maybe in a few months, if I end up going to Passion in Atlanta, I can call him up.”

But instead he called me. He pursued me. He bought a plane ticket to meet me, and took the risk.

 And then, after a 4 day long first date, I put the car in drive and told this guy I was in.

I told him all the reasons he made the long distance worth it, why it he was worth setting my fear aside and trusting the process of it all.

So we trusted the process- the whole 6 weeks of long-distance, then I hopped on a plane and flew down Atlanta to see him for the 2nd time.

And it was great. And wonderful. The guy was a freaking blast.

2 months ago I emailed a guy because of a crush but had no plan- just 300 characters or so all held together in a little email, sent through the air and landing in the guy’s inbox minutes later. 

I knew there was a chance of hurt and failure and rejection, but I did it anyway. And little did I know he, the real guy, Jordan Nations, was the kind of guy to take the risk and hop on board the crazy story with me.

He took the risk of responding to me, a girl with a crush and no plan, and he gave it his all. He took me on 7 dates, in 2 different states and 3 different cities. He was a gentleman in every way. We both gave it our all and had a freaking blast doing it.

I had a huge crush on Jordan because he was a man pursing the Lord, living intentionally and taking risks. He took a risk with me, and in the end, the risk paid off.

I didn’t plan on meeting him. I didn’t plan on him flying out to meet me. I didn’t plan any of this.

I didn’t plan on having Jordan be a huge part of my story, teaching me how to love people better, how to trust the process and how to take risks.

We didn’t plan it, but we took the risk and had a blast trying. 

I got to be a part of his story, and him mine. With absolutely no regrets.

There is no denying that Jordan will do big things and when he does, I can’t wait to be someone with the privilege of knowing his heart and cheering him on.

Jordan, thank you for taking the risk with me; I wouldn’t have wanted to share this story with anyone else.

And yes it may be an ending of the “2,000 mile carrot throw” but I so know that it is just the beginning to something even crazier.

See ya soon,

Stephanie Lynn


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