Just 3 Resolutions for 1 New Year


I really really like the idea of a new year.

A new beginning, a new start, a new “everything.”

But I also love how we can reflect on all the last year had to offer.

What we learned, what we gained, what we lost, and what we shared.

Because all the new is so so good, but the old is something to cherish and learn from, too.

And with that in mind, here are some ways in which I try to end the year right and start the new year rolling:

ONE: Celebrate, don’t hate.

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We all have crummy days. We all have crummy seasons. But don’t let those crummy moments or frustrating seasons keep you from celebrating the good moments. The best moments of your year. Because that is exactly what Satan wants: for you to forget about the good and only worry about the bad. Don’t let him win.

Instead, celebrate the first day you were actually okay to get up and go to work. Praise the Lord for the day your anxiety subsided enough for you to sleep in peace. Dance because you lost your license but got a new one for only $5.

Celebrate every moment of this last year. Don’t hate the bad times- appreciate ‘em.

TWO: Make a list of all the things.


Make a list of all you want to do/accomplish/celebrate/hope to do in 2017. Now- it will not all come true- but I have seen that when I write it down, it takes that idea one step closer to becoming a reality. Make it spiritual goals, life goals, travel goals; give it a theme or something- just make the list your own and put it somewhere where you know you’ll happen upon it more than once or twice.

I did this “list thing” the last two years and have loved looking back on what I hoped to see happen the coming year. This past year, I made myself write out, ‘Teaching in my own classroom,” even when I truly felt like I never would want to teach. And little did I know, that would happen 8 months later. For the year of 2015, I wrote a bunch of spiritual goals and the Lord met them and exceeded them in more ways than I could have ever imagined.
Write it down, and I promise you’ll be surprised what one year can do.

THREE: Write a letter to your 2018 future self.


I did this last year and loved the idea- cept I lost that letter- hopefully I’ll find it soon.

But I remember the night I wrote it, tears streaming down my face, longing for just a glimpse of my future from my Heavenly Father. And a year later, I cannot believe how much has changed from that moment.

I even wrote my letter for next year on a plane to Atlanta- that definitely wasn’t something I planned to be in my 2016.

SO. I’m super stoked to see what this year holds- for you and for me. 

OH- And I picked a theme for this coming year- but I’ll share that with ya next time.

See ya soon,

Stephanie Lynn

2016, you were pretty golden; 2017, I dare you to try and do better.


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