Day 23 of Giving | Give Compliments


I need to let y’all know that I really don’t like using just pictures of myself for my blog, but my friend took these a year ago and made me feel so loved and valued and confident in who I am, so I need to share her work every once and awhile <3.




Give compliments

Who doesn’t love a good compliment?

Who doesn’t love being seen and valued for who they are or something good they have done?

So that is my give today- give a compliment.

But not any compliment, like the easy “your hair looks nice,” or “I like your scarf” kind of compliment.

Give someone a compliment on their character. Or their smile. And go into detail a little bit.

Some people just have a smile that lights up the room, or a laugh that is contagious even in the crummiest of moments.

We are all people- people who are desperate to be seen not from the outside but from the inside. We want to be seen for who we are, not what we are wearing one day or how bad of a driver we may be.

See someone today. Give the gift of seeing someone for the true, good and beautiful person that the Lord made theM to be.

And don’t be frugal- throw those compliments out left and right.

Don’t hold anything back.

My Give of the Day: I am going to try my hardest to just cover my parents and brother in compliments. My dad may be a little tough….

See ya soon,

Stephanie Lynn



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