Day 22 of Giving | Give Friendship

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Give friendship

Can we all just say a huge hallelujah, amen to the Lord above for giving us people to live with on this earth?

People who love well, and people who aren’t afraid of us at our lowest and who always root for us at our highest.

I seriously love my people so much.

And while listening to my favorite podcast, Marriage is Funny, I learned a new name for my people : my water buffalos.

Give their last podcast a listen if you’re oh so interested in what the heck that even means (it’s worth it, I promise).

My people or water buffalos, who love me well and who pull me up once I’ve been knocked down are more than I can even count on my two hands.

I would not be who I am without my friends, past, present and future. My relationships are what seriously keep me going.

So give to those people today.

Give them a thank you or a big hug or a big fat kiss if you’re feeling crazy, for all they have done for you.

Give to your friends for all they have given to you.

My Give of the Day: I am going to call as many of my water buffalos as I can today to say thank you for all they have done for me. Imma try my hardest not to resort to texting.

See ya soon,



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