Day 21 of Giving | Give Talent

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Give talents

Holy moly it is 4 days until Christmas. Are you serious?

If you have followed along this far in the 25 days of giving- seriously, thank you. Even if you are just my mom ❤

Today is give your talents. 

We are all good at something.

Singing, speaking, running, mutli-tasking, organizing, knowing what is in each isle at Target.

We all have something of our own to give.

So give it today.

If you’re good at speaking words of encouragement, give words of encouragement.

If you could serve someone by being the awesome vacuum cleaner that you are, then sweep those floors.

Or if you can cook some rad mac and cheese, surprise your roommates or wife/husband with a special meal.

Give in the best way you know how today.

My Give of The Day: I am a really good dancer, so I am going to dance in every store I go to today with my mom. Everybody would be gifted by my dance moves.

….it’s a joke.

I’m really good at embarrassing myself, so I’ll give everyone a good laugh by dancing like no one’s watching.

See ya soon,

Stephanie Lynn


2 thoughts on “Day 21 of Giving | Give Talent

  1. I’ve loved reading along with these posts. Giving our talent is so important, but so often overlooked! My pastor once said, “If everyone also gave 10% of their talent on top of their treasure imagine how the church would look!”. It really made me think. This post was such a great reminder that talent is definitely something we can use to bless others with !

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