Day 20 of Giving | Give Good Food



Give good food.

Well, my brother caught me.

I didn’t give Target the other day.

Because- and I know this is a huge shocker to most of you- I did not go to Target or any kind of grocery store the few days before I left for Illinois.

SO. I still need to give big that way- so I’ll keep ya updated when I do (mostly for my conscience and not yours).

But today I so so so so want to give in this way and honestly, today I know (or hope) I won’t fail.

Because giving good food usually means getting good company, and I am meeting up with a long lost friend today over good food, coffee, and gaining good company and conversation in return.

So give yourself today in that way. Whether that means buying someone’s meal and striking up a conversation, or just taking in those around you and soaking in the people the Lord has given you.

Today I so so hope I can bless someone by buying them a good meal, and I selfishly can’t wait to be in good company.

Give somethin’ good today folks.

Good food. Or good company. Or both.

See ya soon,

Stephanie Lynn


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