Day 17 of Giving | Give Peace



Give peace

I am flying home today!!!!!

Seriously cannot wait to see my pups, my home church and my friends and family of whom I miss so so so stinkin much in 8 stinkin hours.

And knowing that I am going home gives me so much peace. Gives me peace that I am where I belong; where I am wanted and valued and welcomed.

Not that California is not this way, it is just that there is nothing like home.

There is nothing like walking into a place that will never deny you, never love you too much or too less. 

But it breaks my heart to think of people who do not have this piece of love- this peace- in their life.

So if you can today, or tomorrow, or this Christmas season, give someone that kind of peace. Let someone know that they are loved and valued and always heard by you.

Give someone a warm and loving place to have a much needed night of peace and love over dinner and hot coco.

Have that friend over for dinner, give that busy mom a moment of peace by taking her kiddos while she gets so much needed rest and peace of mind.

Give someone a piece of you today to where they feel peace about where they are and who they are to you.

Does that make sense?

Gosh I sure hope so- cause this give today hit me near and dear to my heart- more than I was ready for. Cause giving a piece of yourself, your home, your life, is hard but so so needed in this world.

See ya soon y’all,



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