Day 16 of Giving | Give Warmth


Give warmth.

I am one of those people who would choose being hot and sweaty over cold any day of the week.

Which is a huge reason of why I love California so dang much and am dreading the day I have to leave for good.


Giving warmth just sounds cozy to me.

It sounds like holding a cup of hot chocolate, watching the snow fall, sitting next to the Christmas tree, with my momma and pops and my puppy at my feet. I know- snow is cold- hence why I am inside and not out in this image.

So how can you give warmth ya say?

Super good question.

Give someone ya love a little longer hug today. Squeeze your littles a bit tighter today.

Give someone a smile who needs it.

Give someone chocoloate- dark is my preference- or a hot cup of joe to someone standing at the bus stop.

It is funny how I had this whole list made up yet half of gives I have no idea how to give.

So I am not 100% on how to give this one today.

But imma give it anyway.

If ya know me- watch out for an extra long bear hug today.

See ya soon folks,

Stephanie Lynn


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