Day 15 of Giving | Give Target

You’d think with as much as I go to Target I’d had the pictures to prove it. Only had three-but like the picture above says #noragrets.



Give Target.

Wow. Who doesn’t love Target?!?!

Target is my fave place to be. I could go there every day and never get sick of the place. Who am I kidding, I do go there every day. And it is glorious.

Okay- but in all seriousness- whether your an avid Target goer like me or forever connected to Meijer or …Walmart…. I want to challenge you to give someone Target or Meijer or ….Walmart… today.

Whether that means buying a gift card and handing it to someone who is walking in while you are walking out, or buying the ladies groceries behind you- give that way today.

And I need to come clean y’all- I haven’t been doing every one of the give days like I expected. But today I am going to make myself do this- no matter how uncomfortable it may be for me and my introverted ‘i just want to talk to my Instagram stories and write blogs all day and talk to no one’ kind of moods that I get into.

I’m going to do it because I have been blessed, stupid blessed, to where I can.

So if ya can, give Target today. But if you can’t, give a few more words like yesterday or grace or love like a few days before.

I don’t want anyone to think that I am doing these giving things perfectly- I am actually so far from it and will never be inches near perfection in any part of my life, but I am hoping if anything comes out of these posts, it will help you and especially me-self know that giving is always and will always be better than receiving.

Happy Thursday, y’all.

Give anyway ya can today.




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