Day 13 of Giving | Give Love

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Give love.

UH. I love love. Because love is the one thing in this world you can’t deny. Something we all so desperately need. Something we all so deserve. Something we can all give.

Something that I believe is so much bigger than you and me.

When we hear ‘God is love’ it is so easy to say it and move on. To let that bit of truth be only that- a snippet of truth that you say every day but don’t really understand the depth of what you are saying.

Because God is love. He himself is the meaning, the beginning, the end, the creator of love. He is every single letter, from the first stroke to the last. He is the reason we can love and can be loved by others.

I honestly have so much to learn about my Heavenly Father and all that He is, and even more to learn of how He himself is love and all its splendor. So I think I will stop here in trying to explain something so magnificent and glorious and mysterious in just a short post.

But remember this.

You are loved.

And you can love.

No matter what you tell yourself, no matter what people say- you are loved and you can love.

You can love big, love deep, love perfectly imperfect. Because you have a Father, someone bigger and stronger and wiser and perfectly perfect who made you and created you to love.

So be love today. Give love today. In any way you can.

Because you are loved and you are called to give that love to everyone who steps in your path.

See ya soon,



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