Day 12 of Giving | Give Grace



Give grace.

Grace is a word that holds a lot of meanings in just five little letters.

And honestly, I am not entirely sure how to help you give grace today.

Because giving someone grace is tough.

It means forgiving someone for a wrong they may have done, or letting that one person off a little easier than you may have the day before.

It means remembering that we are all broken people trying to live this life and to live it well. And sometimes we fall short. A lot of the times we fall short.

It means living in a mindset we all so desperately need but isn’t really the mindset this world tells us we should have.

It’s taking a breath and remembering that we are all people, figuring out this life together.

So give someone grace today.

My Give of the Day: I really think today is just a mindset kind of thing. A mindset where I give grace even when I don’t feel like it. A mindset that I so want to have every day. So today, giving grace, is just as simple but as tough as living in the mindset that we all deserve a little extra grace sometimes.

See ya tomorrow,



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