Day 9 of Giving | Give Cheer




Give cheer

I love love love the saying “cheers.”

It will forever warm my heart.

Because it makes me think of England, which then makes me think of traveling, which then makes me feel that much more warmth in my heart because I love the world so dang much.

But in all honesty- I don’t know how to give cheer. Because it means happiness and joy, right? But in a loud and crazy way.

So technically I am asking you to give joy again today, but in a cheerleader kind of way.

Cheer someone on today.

Shout love to someone today.

Be obnoxiously overly lovely and joyful today, everywhere you go.

Or maybe even end a phone call or email with the word “cheers” because it’s fun and english-y and joyful.

Give cheer today.

My Give of the Day: I am going to be obnoxiously joyful today and say cheers as often as I can. So- watch out if you know me.

See ya l8r,

Stephanie Lynn


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