Day 8 of Giving | Give Joy

It’s Thursday! I feel like Thursdays sometimes get forgotten, so give this day a little lovin today.

OH. And it’s day 8. Woo!

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Give Joy

I am very easily filled with joy. That is just who I am as a person, and something I unashamedly get from my mom.

And sometimes me being filled with joy moment can be a little overwhelming and weird and too out there, but with going through depression and anxiety and junk, I so so so am in love with the feeling I get when I get any sort of joyful.


I want you to give that little feeling of joy today.

Now I feel like most “gives” that have been posted could be given to someone random, someone on the street or behind you in line at Walmart.

But today is a different day in that I want to give joy to someone I know really really well.

Because when you know someone, you know what brings them joy.

Like for me: the sound of the waves as you walk towards the beach make my heart burst. Or anything cactus-y. Or anything that is cozy or dark chocolate or coffee oriented.

LOTS of things bring me joy. And I am thankful for that.

So what brings your mom joy? Or your husband or best friend or dad?

My mom loves anything convertibles and trucks. My dad loves anything to do with the Andy Griffith show. My brother loves anything to do with wine.

One of my Allies loves everything pink. My other Allie loves everything black (well, clothing wise).

So I am going to try and give one of them something that brings them joy.

Something that will give them that little feeling that I so so so love feeling myself.

My Give of the Day: I can’t tell you. Because I may give something to my mom, or my friend Allie,who I both know read my blogs. Or my new friend Ben who probably doesn’t read my blog at all but I won’t tell ya just in case he does today.

See ya 2morrow y’all,

Stephanie Lynn


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