Day 6 of Giving | Give Good News

Day 6 comin’ at ya!



Give Good News

Everybody loves good news.

So give it today.

Tell someone you appreciate their work, whether they are a cashier at McDonalds or a random barista.

Tell someone their work is noticed, their hard labor is not forgotten.

Or tell that little girl she looks like Elsa or Ariel (if you told me I looked like Ariel I would probably pass out).

Or mention to that busy mom that you notice how hard she loves her kiddos and that her work isn’t forgotten either.

Because compliments are good news.

Telling someone their work is noticed is good news.

Good news that we don’t tell people enough.

So give someone a little excitement today, a little pop in their step.

Because this season isn’t about you remember?

My Give of the Day:  I am going to tell however many little girls I see today that they look like a princess. So hopefully I see lots of littles today. If not, Camila will be getting a buncha love.

See ya tomorrow,



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