Day 5 of Giving | Give Back

Day 5, here we go. 


And in celebration of successfully giving for almost 5 days, here is a picture of me and my college roommates posing for our Christmas card my junior year.



Give Back

Originally I had this day named, “give money” but it sounds a little too forward for my liking.

But I do want you to give money today. I want to give money today. Because money is a way to give back.

It is an avenue in which we can give back to our community, our friends, our coworkers, our family.

But we should give it in a way that is personal and joyful.

Give a little extra help to that busy mom behind you in line at Target.

Give a few extra bucks to that quiet girl behind you at the coffee shop.

Give back to them how you have been blessed. Because let’s face it- we all are rich, whether we like it or not.

I am rich.

I can afford to buy someone else’s groceries on top of my single person meal plan.

If I can afford a $6 coffee, I can afford a few more coffees on top of those six bucks.

Because the money isn’t ours anyway.

(I promise I’ll say that more than once in these 25 days)

So I am going to give back today- honestly, as many times as I can. Because money is something I can hold a little too tightly too. Money is good and wonderful- it is meant to be spent.

So spend it one someone special today.

See ya soon,

Stephanie Lynn


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