Gwenn’s Diary | Entry 2: Put the Car in Drive

Gwenn’s Diary | Entry 2: Put the Car in Drive


Dear diary,

Where did we leave off? 

Oh ya- Ben just flew back to Atlanta after telling you he wanted to see how this long distance thing works.

And you’re just now leaving LA, driving back after a whirlwind 4-days-long first date.

And you’re crying.

Really Steph?

It was a great 4 days.

He told you to let him take the lead.

He surprised you with a quick mile run around Sea World.

He egged you on when you were freaking out about meeting Ariel and let you hide in the corner when it was your turn for a picture.

He took you on a date to the real Radiator Springs.

He was fun and sarcastic and goofy and confident.

Yet you are crying.

Take a breath. It was a lot in 4 days, you’re right.

It was a lot to process. A lot to take in.

The guy you had been crushing on for 6 months flew out to LA to meet you.

To meet you. That’s a kicker in itself.


Call your mom.

FaceTime Morgan.

Let the Allies talk some sense into you.

Catch up on some much needed sleep.

And if you still smile when talking about him after a day or two, go for it. Tell him you’re in.

Because fear of the unknown is real.

Fear of failure, fear of hurting someone again is a huge factor, I know.

But you can’t succeed unless you try.

You can’t learn unless you take the leap.

And you can’t give God the control if you don’t at least put the car in drive. 

Take your foot off the brake. Slowly but surely, let someone in again. Set the car in drive, and then let God take the wheel.

Tell him you’re in, and then let Him do the work.

See ya soon,

Stephanie Lynn

P.S. I forgot to post this Friday, so another diary update will be coming real close to today’s post, I promise<3


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