Day 4 of Giving | Give Life

Day 4, let’s go!



Give Life.

Okay, in all honesty, this is a weird one.

Because giving life to someone isn’t really a real thing.

But I think what I mean by “giving life” I mean giving someone a “reason” to live today, however or whatever that looks like.

Existence is a synonym for life. We all exist, we all have a life, we all are something.

Now stick with me- I’m not going much deeper.

And in that living, in our existing, we live for a purpose.

We live with purpose.

So give purpose today. Give someone a reason to live today, I guess.

Give someone a purpose today. Let someone know they are here for a reason.

That their life, their existence, matters.

Give life. Just let someone know, “Hey, your life, you, matter. You have a purpose.”

Because we all do. And we all forget sometimes.

So remind someone of the wonderful life they are living.

Give life today.

My Give of the Day: I love love love fresh flowers. I used to think men giving women flowers was dumb until the day I received my first bundle of joy (a bouqet of flowers, not a baby). So today I am going to give someone a flower or two or a whole stinkin’ bouqet for crying out loud, I don’t know. All I know is flowers are life, I wanna give life today, and giving a flower is showing someone they matter. So, flowers it is.

See ya Monday,



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