Day 3 of Giving | Give Jesus

Woohoo day 3!


If you are still tagging along (three days is a commitment if you ask me), thank you. Seriously, thank you.


Give Jesus

Now hear me when I say this: I know that not every one that reads my blog/follows me believes in Jesus.

And that is okay.

I just want you to feel loved and heard and cared for through my writing/posts.

And the only way that I know how to do that at all is because of Jesus.

So, I am going to give Jesus today. 

And if you don’t necessarily believe in God, that’s okay. But don’t take today off.

You can still give.

You can still ask, What Would Jesus Do?, even if you don’t believe in Him.

So give how Jesus would give. Try not to flinch when your kid eats the last Oreo. Cause Jesus would happily give His one and only dessert to His child (in case you were wondering, I am a horrible sharer).

Ask to pray for someone that you feel made need a little extra love right now.

Jesus is love and hope and life- so give it. Give that love, that hope, that life, to someone else today.

Smile at a stranger today. Offer a joyful “Hello” or “Merry Christmas” to that woman who seems a little over-stressed at the grocery store.

Give Jesus today.

My Give of the Day:  Hi, my name is Stephanie and I really stink at praying for longer than 3 seconds. So today, the minute I wake up, I am going to pray for 30 minutes. Because to be completely honest, in order for me to be in the right heart and mind to give Jesus, I have to just give it all to Him. All my hopes and desires and worries in His hands and trust that He will do His work. And maybe I’ll smile at a stranger too. Call me an over achiever.

But don’t, because I’m not.

Hence the reason I am doing 25 days of giving.


WHEW. Have a wonderful Saturday!

See ya bright and early y’all,

Stephanie Lynn


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