Day 2 of Giving | Give Energy

Day number 2 of giving.



Give energy

Giving energy is a tough one. Because everything takes some form of energy, to getting out of bed in the morning to tying your kiddo’s shoes.

It’s an odd thing to give actually.

But energy is something we like to hold onto, kinda like our time.

We see our time and energy as more valuable than anything else sometimes.

So give a little energy for someone else today.

Are ya tired? So is your husband. Or your wife. Or your sister, friend, mom or dad.

We all grow weary during the day, or maybe are just weary all day for that matter.

So give your energy for someone else today.

My Give of the Day: I am going to wake up with my sweet Camila this morning and let Allie sleep in (if she lets me). If not, I’ll chase her around the house. I’ll change every diaper. Because babies take a lot of energy and sometimes I look at Allie and quietly thank the Lord that I don’t have a little to take care of just yet. But I can give all my young 22 year old  single woman’s energy in hopes to save a a little of a tired momma’s energy for the day.


And oh what I would do to give all my energy to these beautiful kiddos again.

OH. And I made a hashtag for this giving day countdown thing.


Could it be a longer hashtag?


See ya tomorrow,



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